Six Risk Factors For High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

Foods such as buttered toast, coffee & cream, fatty piece of meat… are all loaded with saturated fats that raise cholesterol levels. However, high cholesterol risk goes beyond how many people in your family suffer from it and how often you eat eggs for breakfast. 

So, we’ve put together six of the biggest causes of high cholesterol that you should know about!


Six most common causes of high cholesterol

1. Your age

Your cholesterol levels start to rise after you turn 20. However, this is completely normal! Cholesterol levels in men usually level off after age 50. Women on the other hand, maintain fairly low cholesterol levels until after menopause when the levels may rise.

2. Your weight

A large waist circumference is bad for more than just your self esteem! When you’re overweight or obese, your HDL cholesterol (the good kind) reduce and triglycerides increase, increasing your risk of heart disease. So, work on losing that tummy. It won’t only reduce your risk of high cholesterol but will leave you beach ready too!

3. The saturated fat you eat

Your diet plays a huge role in your cholesterol levels. The common bacon and eggs breakfast that’s high in saturated fat can drive your cholesterol levels through the roof. Try to avoid eating too many animal products such as beef, veal, pork, milk, butter and cheese as they have enough saturated fat to negatively affect your cholesterol. Furthermore, processed foods – chips, biscuits, crackers… are have even more saturated fat.

4. Lack of exercise

The daily routine that leaves you seated all day isn’t only bad for your weight – it can increase your cholesterol, too! Lack of exercise, reduces your HDL cholesterol and increases your LDL cholesterol (the bad kind).

5. Smoking

Yes, your grandfather smoked til his death at 90 yrs. But, you don’t have the same fate as your grandfather. Smoking doesn’t only put you at increased risk of certain cancers but lowers your good cholesterol too. Isn’t this enough reason to quit?

6. Other health problems

Health conditions such as hypothyroidism and diabetes, can increase your risk for high cholesterol. Therefore, you should frequently check you cholesterol levels. Also, ask your doctor to explain your heart disease risk.

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