Six Tips for Beautiful Lips

beautiful lips

Every girl wants to have beautiful lips. You know the kind of lips that whisper “kiss me?” Yes, those!  This is because your lips like your eyes, also enhance the attractiveness of your face.

However, not every girl can have beautiful lips, without some extra effort. So, here are six ways you can improve the appearance of your lips leaving them sexy and soft.



1. Exfoliate

Dead skin makes your lips look dull and. Therefore, you have to exfoliate your lips at least once or twice a week to keep them soft and smooth. You can either buy a lip exfoliator or make make your own exfoliating lip scrub with sugar and honey.

2. Smile

Because your lips frame your smile, you have to perfect both your pout and your smile.  I’m talking about the kind of smile that conveys a sexy confidence and can captivate a man. A person who is self-conscious about their smile can seem timid, withdrawn or sad. So, get advice from your dentist if don’t like the way your teeth look.

3. Mix and match lip liners and lipsticks

Enhance your lips to make them look bigger, fuller and more defined by applying lip liner in a shade that closely matches your lips. Then, apply a highlighter to your cupid’s bow which will add shimmer and make your lips look bigger. Ask the beauty experts to help you find the shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone, eye color and hair color. You can also try mixing lipsticks for that perfected finish.

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4. Perfect the upper lip to lower lip ratio

Most people prefer a lower lip that is two times the size of the upper lip. You can easily add volume to your lower lip with lip filler to achieve this ratio if you don’t already have it. 

5. Use anti-aging and smoothing lip products

These products can help keep your lips soft, smooth and hydrated. This in turn also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and acts as a primer for a smooth and even lipstick application. So, treat your lips with a high-quality balm every day, at least twice a day, to keep your lips healthy-looking.

6. Use natural lip plumpers

The best way to plump your lips is using Cinnamon Essential Oil. This oil stimulates the blood capillaries in your lips and increases blood flow to the lips making them look fuller and plump. You can add the oil to any current lip gloss you have. 

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