How To Slow Down Signs Of Skin Aging

signs of skin aging

Aging of the skin can be slowed down with the lifestyle changes that promote good health and diligent skin care habits. There is not much we can do to stop gravity and the normal, physical changes in the skin and body over time, but there are ways we can actively slow down these signs of premature aging skin.



Wrinkles are a result of aging, unhealthy skin and make us look older than we are. Preventing skin damage and wrinkles are the reasons we use sunscreen and face creams. To know HOW you can prevent early signs of aging, we need to understand what causes it first.

What causes wrinkles and premature skin aging?

  • Repeated facial expressions lead to fine lines and wrinkles and as the skin loses elasticity, the skin doesn’t spring back to its original state. Sleeping position also has a similar effect since the skin is pressed up against the pillow for so many hours night after night. Sleeping on your back minimizes the chance of these types of wrinkles from occurring.
  • Alcohol consumption deteriorates the skin-protecting, antioxidant Vitamin A supply in the skin. Alcohol causes dilation of the blood vessels in the skin contributing to a blotchy, uneven look which may become permanent with excessive drinking. Alcohol can also lead to liver damage which results in a sallow and dull complexion.
  • tanningSun Exposure breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers, damages the cell DNA, depletes the skin of antioxidants necessary for collagen production and skin repair and lowers the immunity functions of the skin. That is why the anti-aging focus is always on sun protection, every day, all year, rain or shine.
  • Smoking speeds up the aging process significantly for many reasons. Repeated facial movements for smoking can cause mouth and lip wrinkles. On a much more serious level, chemicals from cigarettes are absorbed into the bloodstream constricting tiny blood vessels, resulting in less oxygen and nutrients reaching the skin. The supply of collagen is broken down in smokers, slowing the skin’s repair and renewal process resulting in wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dryness.
  • Poor Diet lacking Antioxidants, theses are the nutrients and enzymes in the body that counteract the damaging, although normal effects of the process of oxidation in the body. Beta-carotene, Lycopene and Vitamins A, E and C are antioxidants that can be found in certain vegetables, fruits, nuts and oils necessary to slow this process down, resulting in better protection for the body and skin. Antioxidant ingredients can also be beneficial to the skin when applied topically.
  • Foods with a high Sugar content actually spike insulin levels and cause inflammation, which is believed to be a cause behind premature aging. Instead, create a diet that revolves around vitamin-rich, nutrient dense foods. The collagen and elastin which make up the firmness and elasticity of the skin are damaged by these sugar molecules and the result over time is more wrinkles, sagging skin, particularly after age 35.

Skin care tips to help you prolong the signs of aging, keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy as long as possible. 

  • The number one on the anti-aging tips will always be to wear UVA and UVB protective sunscreen every day, every season, rain or shine. Apply sun protection cream and lotions to all exposed areas of the body including the neck and décolleté. SPF 30 is ideal for daily use for those who get more than a few minutes of exposure daily or for those who drive. UVA (aging) rays can penetrate glass so protection is absolutely necessary. Apply your moisturizer first and then layer over SPF 30 at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Delicate eyes and lip area need special care too. Look for a lip balm and daily eye cream that contain sunscreen for the best anti-aging protection. Using make-up that contains sunscreen is also an easy and convenient way to get your daily, moderate sun protection. See more products with SPF protection here
  • Don’t be fooled by the sunscreen guideline that by multiplying the SPF number by the length of time it takes you to burn, is the amount of time your skin will stay safe in the sun. There are many variables to consider such as time of day, location, humidity, sweating, and inadequate application. Using the maximum amount of protection and reapplying thoroughly and often is the best anti-aging protection you can give your skin. These days we don’t need to be in the sun all day to get that tanned look, you could also try using self-tan products like there, click here.
  • berriesFill your diet with antioxidant rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Good skin health comes with healthy diets. Green leafy veggies like kale and spinach have some of the highest vitamin content of all vegetables so eat up. See various products which consists of these antioxidants you need for healthy looking skin. Click here
  • Consume foods with Omega-3, an essential fatty acid which promotes healthy formation of cells, making them supple and flexible. Eat more salmon, tuna, walnuts, kale, spinach and winter squash for softer skin. Flaxseed Oil also contains high levels of Omega-3 and can be drizzled on your salads and veggies.See all Omega-3 products available here
  • Drink alcohol in moderation. Not only for health reasons but for your complexion. Drinking alcohol dilates blood vessels in the skin and increases the blood flow near skin’s surface. Overstressing the liver can show up on the skin as a sallow complexion along with promoting the bad collagen (scar tissue) to build in the skin. Blood vessels can become permanently damaged over time causing a blotchy, uneven, red look to the skin. Alcohol is also a diuretic and it dehydrates the body resulting is less plump, unhealthy looking skin.
  • Drink  lots of Water. Healthy cell function requires water; without it, the body begins to pull water from the tissues and skin in order to prevent dehydration, resulting in sunken eyes, drier skin, and loss in overall fullness. Dry skin only exacerbates the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Hydration is key to keeping skin looking firmer and plumper.
  • stop smokingStop smoking. Smoking causes a narrowing of the blood vessels in the skin due to the accumulated nicotine and also reduces the collagen and elastin production in the skin causing it to age and sag prematurely. Not only does smoking deplete the body of Vitamin C which is needed for plump and healthy skin, the repeated puckering of the lips can cause early wrinkles around the mouth and lips.
  • Too much sugar consumption over long periods of time has been shown to cause skin to dull and wrinkle prematurely due to a process in the body called glycation. This natural process causes the sugar in the bloodstream, to attach to proteins that form harmful molecules called AGE’s or advanced glycation end products. These AGE’s damage other proteins in the skin, particularly the collagen and elastin fibers, which keep skin supple and elastic. Since collagen is the most prevalent protein in the body, once damaged it becomes brittle leading to sagging. According to a British study, these effects start around age 35 and increase rapidly thereafter. Limit sugar intake not only for your waistline but for your skin!
  • Cold weather protection is necessary for keeping skin soft and feeling smooth. When temperatures dip into the freezing zone the skin requires special care against chapping and dehydration. Use protective creams made with minimal water and maximum emollients so the skin stays well moisturized even on the coldest of days.
    • See recommended moisturizer to use during Winter here and recommended lotion to use during Summer here

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  1. Runeeva Avatar

    skin moisturizer. a day and night moisturizing cream combined will combat these effects

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Thank you for your comment Runeeva. I agree, moisturizers are important, but it’s also a combination of other factors like what you eat and drink, smoking as well as external elements like the sun etc.

  2. Melanie Avatar

    The sun causes the worst damage to my skin by far. my home town is uppington so now you can imagine how hot it becomes

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Oh yes definitely, it’s always hot there in the Summer. It’s not just the sun rays, but also that dry air that side which plays a huge role in skin aging.
      Stock up on a good hydrating moisturizers combined with a sunscreen or apply sunscreen 30min after you have moisturized (no less than SPF30). Have a look at some of our products that might interests you:

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