Why We Love Skinny Scoop (And You Should Too!)

You might have seen this product in the media recently, and there is a reason for this. Have you ever heard of healthy Ice Cream?? Well, up until now, me neither!

I’m so pleased to tell you that this summer you can still get that body you’ve been dreaming about (and working for), even whilst indulging in this delicious cup of ice cream..

Skinny Scoop is a high protein ice cream, 100 % natural and no added sugar.

The Skinny Scoop Team import their whey isolate from the states, it is the best quality and the most bio available protein source to your body, meaning It does not get discarded but is efficiently and effectively utilized to support your bodies tissue repair and recovery as well as immune system.

They have no artificial stabilizers, binders, colourants or flavourants. A product called Sodium alginate is used in the product, which is a fibre extract from seaweed, to bind and stabilize their Ice cream. Studies show Sodium Alginate can be linked to improved fat burning in the body.

To sweeten they use xylitol, also known as a polyhol. Xylitol is an extract from tree bark that keeps the body’s blood sugar stable and incidentally happens to be good for the teeth.

They are flavoured with raw cocoa or vanilla, as well as cream and whole milk. The rest – is a secret!

The team has followed the Italian gelato style with a few tricks in making the sensational healthy ice cream.

Who Started Skinny Scoop?

Jared and Gabi met through the fitness industry. He was her trainer for a few years until one day she brought in an ice cream treat with some added whey powder.

They found we had a very similar vision, passions and values (Family, friends, food and fitness) and so decided to partner up and create the healthiest and tastiest ice cream on earth.

Skinny Scoop is their pride and joy and they are incredibly passionate about what they do and feel blessed to have the opportunity to start and grow the brand.

Where Can You Purchase It?

This deliciousness can be found in various Wellness Warehouse Branches

Follow them:

Instagram: @skinnyscoopsa

Twitter: @skinnyscoop

Facebook: Skinny Scoop

‘We hope to make a positive impact where ever we go through the relationships grow’






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  1. Gloria Avatar

    a healthy ice cream sounds like heaven. love the name Skinny Scoop too

    1. Lynette Avatar

      The name is original i agree Gloria…and it’s yummy too! 🙂

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