Slow Ageing Skin With These Six Teas

Tea is great for hydration, relaxation and warmth. However, according to Jolene Hart, a health coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, when you drink the right teas you’re body will also be able to defend itself against signs of skin ageing like loss of fine lines, elasticity and wrinkles!

This is why it’s better to drink tea instead of coffee in the mornings. So, here are the top seven teas that Hart recommends you drink regularly:

Seven teas for clear, beautiful ageless skin

1. Dandelion root tea

Dandelion root tea is a gently diuretic brew.  It supports your liver and digestion function. Both of these play a major role in the health of your skin.

2. Chamomile tea

Because of high concentration of the phytochemical quercetin, chamomile tea can protect your skin from sun damage. Furthermore, it helps with menstrual cramps and promotes restful sleep!

3. Green tea

Green tea has the ability to reverse UV damage and block wrinkle formation. This is all thanks to its abundance of free radical-fighting catechins. Green tea is most definitely one of the most powerful beauty teas you can drink. In addition, it’s loaded with vitamins C and E, which can revive and restore dying skin cells.

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4. Ginger tea

Most of us remember to take ginger tea when we have colds and flus. But ginger tea also works beauty magic as a potent anti-inflammatory for your body and skin.

5. Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea or red tea is packed with antioxidants including quercetin – the UVB-protectant pigment that’s anti-cancer and anti-ageing. Furthermore, if you suffer from allergies, you’ll be glad to know that it’s also a natural antihistamine.

6. White tea

This one is my favorite. It’s full of anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. These prevent the breakdown of elastin and collagen. What’s more, white tea directly enhances signs of skin ageing.

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