Slow Down The Hands Of Time With These 9 Anti-Ageing Tips

Slow Down The Hands Of Time With These 9 Anti-Ageing Tips

Growing older is inevitable, but there are many ways of holding back time and looking your best. You can appear ten years younger by following these facial tips – and you’ll feel fitter and healthier as well.




1. Cleanse and moisturise your face daily

You should do this with products which are suited to your skin type – men should do this too. Why? Your facial skin is only around 0,12mm thick and very delicate; it takes a constant battering from dirt and dust. It needs to be treated with respect at all times. Don’t forget to use a rich moisturiser on your neck – this area is most prone to crinkly skin which is an instant age giveaway.

2. Drink lots of water each day

About 70% of the body is made up of water; and it’s vital to your skin’s wellbeing. Drink at least one litre a day to help keep your face looking fresh and radiant.

3. Stay pale

Protect your face if you have fair skin, every day with a UVA sunscreen – even in the dullest weather. Without this protection, ultraviolet radiation will cause wrinkles and make you look older.

4. Treat your face to a good diet

Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. These will provide your skin with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Avoid caffeine, white sugar and convenience foods.

5. Give up smoking immediately

The evil weed uses up valuable vitamin C in the body. Consequence: Your skin will have more wrinkles than non-smokers’ and will look yellow.

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6. Go without make-up every now and again

This gives your skin a chance to breathe. And combine this with a brisk walk or cycle ride in the fresh air to bring a healthy glow to your cheeks.

7. Invest in an electronic muscle stimulator for a surgery-free ‘face lift’

EMS machines work by stimulating muscles to contract and relax as they do during normal exercise. It’s painless and convenient – the machine does all of the exercising for you.

8. Enjoy yourself

Smiling and laughing exercises your face with minimal effort, and keeps it taut and healthy. And a smiling face always appears more attractive than a sullen or worried-looking one.

9. De-stress your life 

De-stressing will help your face cut down on its worry lines. It’s a fact – happy people look younger! And, make sure you get enough beauty sleep. This gives your skin cells a chance to regenerate. A lightly beaten egg white mixed with two teaspoons of cornflour makes a cheap and effective face mask. Alternative: mix together a mashed-up banana with a tablespoon of honey, and apply for 20 minutes. Egg white is also a good treatment for open pores. Adding sunflower oil to warm water can help to soften your skin. Treat tired eyes by holding a peeled and grated raw potato against them. Or use cold, wet teabags for a similar rejuvenating effect. Vaseline removes mascara well, and also thickens eyelashes.

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