Some Of Our Favourite Relaxation Techniques


When you’re on the edge of your seat the whole time, walking on eggshells or just stressed and anxious all day, it’s not doing your health any favours.

While it’s true that the stress response is actually your body’s way of getting you out of life or death situations, when you’re not able to turn the stress response off, it’s devastating.

Every aspect of your health takes a knock because of it. And when that starts happening, it’s hard to stop it.

Luckily, when you realise what’s happening before it gets that bad, you CAN do something about it.

And it’s simply a matter of practising relaxation techniques like these…

Learn to relax and you’ll beat the effect stress has on your health

Modern Meditation

#1. Meditation is one of the best ways to relax. But forget the typical Buddhist pose, there’s a far more “modern” way to do it.

Your mental health is important so make sure you have stress under control

Simply sit in an area that’s quiet, close your eyes and breathe. While you’re doing this, push thoughts from your mind and think only of the relaxation you feel.

Take ten minutes to do this every day and you’ll notice the difference it has on your stress levels almost immediately.

#2. Deep breathing is similar to meditation, but you can do this while you’re in a meeting or sitting at your desk.

All you have to do is take ten deep breaths, making sure your inhales are as long as your exhales.

This focus helps to clear your mind and is very relaxing.

You can even do it while your boss is having a go at you! It’s that subtle.

#3. Slow down and live in the present. If you’re always rushing to do things in the future, you’ll never be able to relax and destress.

Focus on what you can do right now and make a schedule to fit the rest of your tasks and activities in when you finish the current one.

There’s no point in allowing stress to dictate and ruin your life. If you do, you won’t be able to do the things you love anyway. So rather get a handle on your stress while you can!

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2 responses to “Some Of Our Favourite Relaxation Techniques”

  1. Monique Avatar

    been mean to try meditation for years

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Monique
      Our whole family learnt meditation techniques years ago, from a lady called Magic Lisa. I highly recommend that everyone should meditate every day. If you need her details, let us know. She is in Natal, but I sure she could recommend other teachers throughout SA.
      Have a lovely day

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