South African Health Spa Outranks Global Competition

South Africa’s “Healing Health Spa” outranks global competition to win 2016 continent luxury spa award

In the wake of its recent success, the Healing Earth Spa at Abalone House is delighted to announce having been selected amongst a host of global competitors to be awarded the additional accolade of 2016 Continent Luxury Spa Award as crowning success.

Established as the world’s leading Awards initiative for Luxury Spas, The World Luxury Spa Awards aim to encourage the progression and enhancement of service standards within the global Luxury Spa Industry, defining benchmarks in quality, innovation and service for spas around the globe.

Nominations are evaluated by a panel of independent industry experts, located across 144 countries. Judging criteria are based exclusively upon facilities and service excellence, both evaluated purely in terms of votes cast by spa guests and industry experts.

Situated in one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa, Paternoster, widely believed to have derived its name from the Latin term, “Our Father”, Healing Earth is a premium African Spa brand, offering natural, organic products, therapies and spa concepts to clients emanating from across the world.

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It also operates several flagship spas around the globe, and provides products, treatments and training to a multitude of other five-star facilities situated throughout Africa and across the Globe.

Over and above using only earth-friendly methods and ingredients, the Healing Earth Spa honours its commitment to its investment in Africa and all her beings through its Healing Earth Foundation, which aims to nurture and develop conscious, healthy earth children through outreach projects and initiatives enabling impoverished communities to connect holistically with the self, the environment, and all fellow beings.

Commenting on the news of their Award this morning, Founder of Healing Earth Spa, Elisabeth Brandt, stated, “We are truly honoured to have received this highly acclaimed Award, and immensely proud to have done so on behalf of South Africa, particularly as this year’s Finalists originated from a vast number of countries around the world. We would also like to extend our appreciation to all the clients who voted for us and assure them of our continued dedication to the superlative level of services with which our name has become synonymous”.

Brandt went on to add, “We have a nurturing, conscious approach to beauty, based upon love for oneself, one’s fellow human beings and the earth we live on particularly that of Africa – which is why we attribute our success to the truth inherent in the wisdom of Nelson Mandela’s 1994 Inaugural Speech statement ‘When you touch the soil of our land, you feel a sense of personal renewal’. Evidently, the Great Man was right … and, indeed, it would appear the world agrees.”

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  1. Vanessa Avatar

    The Natural way with Healing Earth Products, anti-cruelty!

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Vanessa,
      Anti-cruelty is the only way to go with products these days!

  2. Adri de Villiers Avatar
    Adri de Villiers

    Stunning products 🙂

    1. Lynette Avatar

      I agree Adri, they do have a wonderful range of products. Have you tried their Kalahari Melon range yet?

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