Stay Hydrated With This Summer Infused Drink

Summer Infused Drink

We all need water to protect our brains and other internal tissues, cushion and lubricate our joints, regulate our body temperatures and remove waste from our bodies through bowel movements, urination and perspiration.

So, if you always forget to drink water throughout the day, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve found just the perfect summer drink recipe that will help you never forget to drink enough water again!

You can have a glass of this infused water when you wake up in the morning or when you get ready for bed. And, because it’s loaded with healthy flavours, you’ll enjoy drinking it all day. If you’re having a hard time remembering to drink it, start a habit by linking water with some of your most common daily activities.  This can be a simple routine like drinking a glass when getting up from your desk for a bathroom break or after leaving the restroom. 

Summer infused water recipe

Serves: 4

4 cups water or coconut water
1 small cucumber
Handful of mint leaves
1 lemon
100 g frozen blueberries
100 g frozen raspberries


Start by peeling the cucumber into strips using a potato peeler. Then slice the lemon into circles. Pour coconut water or water into a jug and add the lemon, cucumber, mint leaves and berries. The frozen berries will help to keep the water cool. Then leave your drink to rest for about thirty minutes to allow the flavours to diffuse into it.

I like to make a big jug and keep it in the fridge to enjoy throughout the day. Or, if I’m out and about, I simply fill a large water bottle with this drink to stay hydrated all day.

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