Steps you can take to get your body spring ready

During winter you naturally seek to stay warmer and instinctively secure an extra layer of fat cells all around your body. Many of these fat cells waterlogged with various waste matters appear as cellulite.

The reason for this is because the body decides that the elimination of these toxins or waste matter is complete since the waste matter is no longer in circulation.

Towards the end of winter our skin also appears undernourished, pale and dry. Circulation is poorer in winter and statistics show that we exercise less when it’s colder. (Gym membership sign up peaks in September in South Africa)

As spring approaches a threefold approach is necessary to get our bodies back into a healthier state

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We recommend detoxification, circulation stimulation and healthy nourishment of skin and cell tissue.


Detox, short for the process of detoxification, plainly put means getting rid of stored fat and toxins that have become stagnant in our cells. This involves using substances internally or topically to promote toxin removal.

Oils of juniper, lemon, cypress and grapefruit are detoxifying, promoting water loss and toxin removal. Massaging or bathing in one of the oils or a mixture of oils will help with detoxifying your body. Drinking anti- oxidant teas and plenty of fresh water will assist in the process of getting the toxins and fat flushed out the body. Be aware that a healthy detox diet will prevent replacement of fat toxins after being removed.

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Massage, exercise and body brushing bring about circulatory stimulation.

Benefits of massage:
Massage brings fresh blood to the massaged area improving oxygen supply and promoting removal of previously stored toxins and fat.

Benefits of exercise:
Cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging or swimming also improve circulation, stimulating blood flow to important areas of the body

Benefits of body brushing:
Body brushing with a dry pure bristle brush or an exfoliating sponge does wonders for stimulating circulation. Exfoliating scrubs and creams massaged into certain areas of the body will also encourage circulation by ” irritating ” the skin with a positive effect of improved blood supply to the skin and dermal tissue.


Massaging, body brushing and exfoliating will also stimulate sebum or natural oil production in the skin therefore improving the quality of the skin. Creams, oils and moisturising exfoliants massaged onto the body will moisturise the skin as well as promote detox. Even better, massaging with a detox oil like juniper, lemon, cypress or grapefruit is even better as you are detoxifying, stimulating the circulation (even more so with exfoliating granules) and moisturising at the same time


Even though it sounds time-consuming, you can incorporate these detox steps can into your daily grooming routine. You can do exfoliation before a bath or shower, morning or evening three or four times a week. After every bath or shower, simply massage creams or oils into torso areas to promote removal of toxins and schedule exercise into your diary to make it more difficult to cancel. And don’t forget to drink water.

It will be spring soon so start investing in yourself. It will be worth the effort when you step into that swimsuit!

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