Stretch Your Way To A Healthier Body


Most forms of exercise involve being sweaty, feeling drained and heavy breathing. You’ll be happy to know that there is a form of exercise that will not only boost your health but also help you to relax after a tiring day. Put your running shoes down for now and grab a yoga mat, for a life changing the experience.

Yoga is one of the most interesting forms of exercise, as it not only involves your body but your mind, different forms of breathing and your spirituality. It has both physical and emotional benefits.

How does it work?

The art of yoga dates back to about 3000-years-ago and originated in India. It involves stretching your body into different poses while controlling your breathing. The various techniques used in yoga helps your body to become relaxed and energized. There are different styles and yoga can be used as a great form of exercise or as a spiritual outlet.

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How to get started

At Life Retreat, we offer some great products to give you a yoga jump start.

You can’t do yoga comfortably or properly without a yoga mat. We have an eco-friendly PVC yoga mat that’s perfect for DIY yoga or yoga sessions with a group. It’s very important to have a proper mat to work on, as it helps you to keep your balance while learning.

Yoga blocks are important to give you support when you are trying to gain more flexibility and for extra comfort during poses. Our Eco AVA yoga blocks are perfect for your yoga sessions.

If you go to the gym, you take a gym bag and for your yoga equipment, we suggest our spacious Go-eco yoga mat bags.

 What are the health benefits?

Find your balance: Balancing a book on your head and standing tall isn’t the only way to perfect your posture, strike a yoga pose to get there.

Yoga helps to craft and maintain great posture, because with each pose done correctly, your body will learn how to keep itself in perfect vertical alignment.

This will take lots of practice, but in time, your posture will be prim and proper!

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Protect your spine: Keeping the disks of your spine is important so that your spine can be protected from injury.

With enough practice of back-bends, forward bends and body twists, your spine will soon be in a top condition.

Be sure to pay attention to your yoga movements, as not to injure yourself during a session.

Get Flexible: With enough yoga practice, you might not manage to lift a leg over your head, but close enough! As a yoga beginner, you will find being flexible difficult.

For example, touching your toes for a long period will be difficult, but after a while, you will breeze through the poses.

You will begin to loosen up and the aches  you used to feel, will be replaced with feelings of relaxation.

Build strong bones: Weight-bearing exercising are great for strengthening your bones.

Yoga is a great bone strengthening exercise because most of the poses require you to lift your own weight, such as lifting your body off the ground (strengthens arm bones).

Work your muscles: Stop lifting those heavy weights, and do some yoga instead. Just because you aren’t lifting iron, doesn’t mean you aren’t working out your muscles.

With every yoga pose you do, you are strengthening and targeting different muscle groups. This is good for your health because it will protect you from serious conditions like arthritis and back pain.

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