Successfully Repair Damaged Nails After Acrylics Using These Tips

Repair damaged nails

Acrylic nails come in a variety of lengths allowing you to drastically change the look of your hands. They may look good while they’re on, but they also damage the natural nails underneath. They make the natural nails thin, weak, brittle, and prone to splits and breaks.

It takes time to grow healthy nails and reverse nail damage, but there are a number of ways you can bring your natural nails back to their former glory.


Step 1: Get a manicure

Although regular manicures can add to your list of expenses, they can help stimulate the circulation of the nail bed, promoting its growth. You can do your own manicures at home. Simply fill a bowl with warm water, and allow fingers and cuticles to soak for about 10 minutes per hand. After the nail bath, massage on each hand.

Step 2: Use cuticle oil

Apply cuticle oil or olive oil during the massage. The essential vitamins especially vitamin E in these natural oils will help promote healthy nail growth. 

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Step 3: Trim your nails

It’s important to try not to grow your natural nails. What you should focus on is overall nail health and thickness. A thin, damaged nail that grows quickly also breaks easily. So, give your nails time. Keep them short while the body rebuilds the damaged tissue.

Step 4: Apply strengthening products

Most nail care base coats have stimulating and strengthening properties. Apply a base coat that will help strengthen the nail bed every three days.

Step 5: Avoid color

You have to try and reduce exposure to chemicals as much as possible. This allows your nails to rebuild their strength. If you have to wear nail polish, try alternating one week on, one week off.

Step 6: Treat all infections

Nail damage after acrylic can become a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria especially if they become separated from the nail bed. Look out for nails that are thick or discolored. Furthermore, if you experience redness or pain, see your doctor for treatment.

Step 7: Take care of your body

It is also important to know what to eat for healthy nails. Eat foods with biotin (like bananas and salmon), drink at least eight glasses of water per day, get enough protein and have loads of dark leafy vegetables.

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