Sun Di Goia – The Expression Of A Simple And Natural Joy

Sun Di Goia natural

When something awesome happens in your life, you get really excited and elated. However, you sometimes just don’t know how to express these natural positive feelings to yourself or those around you.

Well, you’re not alone! A lot of people struggle to express their joy, and there are many ways in which it can be done. When you are happy, you can express joy by making others feel happy in your own little ways. You can also express your joy by treating your family and friends. I like to make a note of my joyful moments and the reason for them. This really helps during down times.

According to Giorgio Armani, Sun Di Goia is another way to express your natural joy. Sun Di Goia, the new Gioia fragrance by Giorgio Armani, is a warm feminine scent that transfers the atmosphere of summer and the feeling of happiness produced by the first sunlight on the skin. This fragrance bears the indelible mark of joy, exuding the sensation of light, pleasure, and, ultimately, sensuality.

Why Gioia

It’s a pleasant word, a jubilant effervescence of body and mind.
A word that just feels good.
A name meaning “joy.” Joy that is serene, genuine, tangible; a joy neither feigned nor fashioned.
And, a joy that is born of the purity of nature.

SUN di Gioia: a solar floral (Marie Salamagne Firmenich)

In this amber bottle infused with light is cradled a modern floral bathing in sunlight. Sensual notes reminiscent of sun-warmed skin emerge with a surging top note of bergamot-freesia, a generous floral salicylate heart (notes at once solar and saline)of frangipani-ylang-ylang-Sambac jasmine, and a warm, richly elegant base composed of iris, vanilla, and benzoin. A luminous and sensual fragrance with a luxurious, comfortable “chic Monoï” effect.

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