Why You Should Take Bad Breath Seriously

bad breath

There are a lot of things that go on in your mouth. And, one of them is a buildup of bacteria that causes bad breath. Bad breath is not only embarrassing but could be a sign of a serious health problem that needs a doctor’s care. So, if you or your loved are suffering in silence, then you need to read this.

Causes of bad breath

Sometimes a sinusitis causes bad breath and treatment with antibiotic could be all you need. Bad breath could indicate something as serious as kidney or liver failure, diabetes, lung infection…

A mouth ulcer or infection, gum diseases or a dry socket left after you’ve had a tooth pulled out can all cause bad breath. Some prescription drugs like antidepressants can cause dry mouth which in turn causes your breath to smell. However, if you breath constantly smells sweet and fruity or like ammonia or urine, see your doctor because this could be a sign of serious medical problems.

The tongue also harbors food particles trapped under a thin layer of mucus. Furthermore, its distinctive anatomy also makes it harbor the types of bacteria responsible for about 90 percent of all bad breath.

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Why Your Doctor Always Says ” Say Aah”!

It’s not to smell your breath but check your tongue. A clue to your health that’s in your mouth is the colour of your tongue. A normal healthy tongue has deep pink colour. A pale tongue could mean you’re anemic and need iron. A bright red tongue could indicate a rare disease caused by B vitamin naicin deficiency.

A brownish hairy tongue indicates bacterial growth or tobacco stains. “Black tongue” is also a harmless side effect of prescription drugs. White patches on the tongue are a sign of fungal infection or could be a result of breathing with your mouth open.

Each time you brush  your teeth, finish your dental care routine by cleaning your tongue. The best way to defeat bad breath and the effect of prescription drugs is to drink more water.

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