The Beauty Of Balance


We have been conditioned into seeing the positives and negatives of life as incompatible, as good and bad or even good and evil. In this post we explore how positive and negative are fundamental to everything that exists, complementary aspects of a perfectly balanced life.

“When we focus and bring our minds to perfect symmetry, the inner world is birthed – an inner attention, an inner presence. Magical things occur: Genius is awakened, art is created, and inspirational writing pours forth.”

– Dr John Demartini (From ‘The Breakthrough Experience’)

Vibrational Systems

We’ve traditionally been taught that we (and everything else for that matter) are made up of molecules, which in turn are made up of atoms.

Relatively recent scientific research has turned up the fact that it doesn’t stop there. Sub atomic particles including electrons and quarks make up atoms and even the recently discovered ‘Higgs Boson’ particle.

But further research into what makes up subatomic particles has revealed that when you delve into the subatomic world, particles start to behave like energy waves.

Depending on which type of experiment you use, light, or any other type of particle, will behave either like a particle or like a wave.

The physical body then, has minute energy fields comprised of waves or vibrations. We are, quite simply, vibrational systems.

You have to wonder whether this revelation is something that we have known, instinctively all along. Why else would we have incorporated into our language sayings like “I’m picking up strange vibes from him.” Or “She’s giving off the right vibes,” or “Are you on the same wavelength as me?”


Try it just once and you’re be hooked for life
Try it just once and you’re hooked for life

Positive and negative coexist

Waves may have different lengths, heights or speeds but essentially they all look like the one shown in the diagram below. With its characteristic peaks and troughs, also commonly referred to as positive and negative aspects.

So, if everything is made up of waves with their positive and negative aspects then everything in our world is either positive or negative. Both polarities are inherent in our lives. Both must exist at the same time.

Our experience of life in general derives from both positive and negative situations and events. You cannot have one without the other.

Our emotions are our responses to our circumstances and experiences and these too are both positive and negative. Just as you can’t make life only of positive experiences, we cannot only have positive emotions (if we did, how would we know that they were positive?)

Positive thinking or empowered thinking?

Life coaches often teach positive thinking to the people they see / image: livinglikeyou

In life coaching we talk a lot about positive thinking and living with a positive mindset. But, we do this partly in order to address the general focus on the negative that has become such a part of everyday life. Also, partly to encourage a more empowered and upbeat approach towards life’s challenges.

Destructive or constructive?

Nevertheless, the truth is that you cannot live life as a ‘hero’ by trying to pretend that the negative does not exist. Doing so is a bit like trying to contain other emotions like anger and resentment. Eventually, the pressure cooker will explode.

Likewise, adopting a ‘victim’ mentality and proclaiming that nothing about your life is positive, will eventually result in self destruction. Furthermore, it will be either through destructive behaviours or through the effect on your emotional and physical health.

The answer is to lead a constructive life by embracing both positive and negative, but in a way that serves you and what you want from life.

Redefining positive and negative

The challenge comes in redefining what we understand or perceive. This is by the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ when we refer to experiences in our lives.

Instead of labelling everything as either good (we enjoy the experience) or bad (we don’t enjoy the experience) we need to see both types of experience as opposite yet complementary. In other words, pleasurable experiences and growth cannot come about without challenging experiences that may be relatively ‘painful’ in nature.


Boost your energy with just 1 Tbsp added to a bowl of cereal
Boost your energy with just 1 Tbsp added to a bowl of cereal

Perfect Balance

As we start to appreciate and embrace the fact that both polarities must coexist, we can start to experience the perfect balance that positive and negative. Together – when viewed as a system – represent.

Light and love

A light wave does indeed have positive and negative aspects, but the end product of the harmonious balance between these two aspects is something that is true perfection … LIGHT!

Light is essential for life. Without light, life cannot grow and you can’t sustain it. Light, birthed as it is from the perfect balance of positive and negative, provides a role model for a life of joy and happiness.

It is important to acknowledge life’s perfection by embracing both its positive and negative aspects.


Life, when we are able to experience it as a harmonious balance between positive and negative is … pure, unconditional LOVE.

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