The Best Diet For Arthritis

The Best Diet For Arthritis

The role that diet plays in arthritis is a controversial subject. Some doctors believe that a diet can play an important part. According to The American Centre of Rheumatology, nutritional therapy is experimental.

However, even this organisation agrees it’s worth checking out.

Shoud you go vegetarian?

Well, various studies seem to indicate that rheumatoid arthritis symptoms improve when patients change to vegetarian diets.

In one study, participants fasted for a week and then ate a carefully controlled diet for 5 months. The diet in the first phase included foods like vegetable broth, herbal tea, garlic, celery, beets and carrot extracts. They then started adding other foods back into their diets one at a time. However, the did not foods such as fish, citrus foods, meat, eggs, coffee, tea, diary products, alcoholic beverages and foods containing gluten.

The results of this study were astounding. Swelling and pain decreased, while the grip strength increased. Even after a year, their symptoms were still improved.

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Should you fast?

According to this study, food allergies could be a cause of rheumatoid arthritis. This is because about half of the participants who had food allergies, felt better while they were fasting and got worse when they started eating again.
So, if you have arthritis, you may want to consider whether food allergies are aggravating your symptoms. Pay particular attention to foods that cause unusual symptoms or don’t digest well. But, don’t fast or change your diet drastically without consulting your doctor.

Are fatty diets at fault?

According to a study on mice, there is a link between osteoarthritis and diet. A group of mice was fed a high diet in saturated fat. Another group was fed a diet in unsaturated fat. The group that ate saturated fat developed more severe cases of osteoarthritis.

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