The Divine Is In The Detail

The Divine Is In The Detail

We all know it… The rush of intense emotion the moment we have to say a final goodbye… Whether it’s to a place, a person or a beloved pet.

Suddenly every word, every leaf on a tree you never really noticed before, a wave crashing on the shore you should have walked on more often, a reflection, an eye colour and the veins on a beloved hand you are holding take on a sacred quality, as if you are looking through a magnifying glass. Your heart wants to burst from the intensity of the feelings rushing over you and all you want to do is make time stand still, to hold on to the moment for ever.

These moments are sacred. They are mystical. They are moments of intense awareness. You don’t think in moments like these. You feel. With a heart so open and vulnerable that all you can do to stay alive is breathe. However painful, in these moments of awareness of oneness with the object we have to part with, we are one with the Divine.

Imagine we could always be in this state of open-hearted awe. Imagine we chose to always pay the same attention to our feelings as in the moments mentioned above… instead of rushing to achieve some goal or get to some place, fuelled by our costant thinking, analysing and planning. Also, imagine we paid the same attention to detail in the happy moments too…Imagine we started with the breathing, then the feeling and then the thinking.

They say that time is money. To me the sublime message in this has always been that time is secondary to the important things in life…like making a living. When there is some left- over time, we can relax, have a day off, special time with the people we love, do something creative, lay under a tree or gaze at the stars… Until the next time we have to say good-bye – when time has run out.

Time is the greatest luxury of all

We fear the passing of time. We fear not having enough. Furthermore, we fear the regret of not having used our time here well. When you allow yourself to pause, to pay close attention to detail, to feel, to breathe,time stands still. In that moment you are one with what you are doing, instead of just doing. Life becomes an endless stream of moments instead of minutes, hours and days. You are living in the moment. You are free of the limitations of time and in the moment you are always One with The Creative.

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Take the extra moment to listen, to hug a few seconds longer, to give the dog one more tickle on his tummy. Stop next to the road to admire a beautiful tree, even if it’s peak-hour traffic.Make time for your children, your friends, your spouse. Take in the fragrance of a rose with the intention of remembering it for ever, sit and look at the sunset until it’s pitch dark.

Savour every moment.

Feel the Love.

By Lea Coleman

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