The launch of Multiply & FitKey Partnership


Multiply & FitKey Partnership has made it possible to have one membership which gives you access to almost every gym and fitness class across South Africa! With thousands of options to choose from, you can try Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, Boot Camp and many more. It’s your choice every day. Your membership gets you access to our gym and studio partners anywhere across South Africa. Here is a sneak peak of the launch:




Cape Town fitness lovers attend a CrossFit class to mark the launch of the Multiply and FitKey partnership

Cape Town 25 February 2016 – Today marked the launch of the FitKey and Multiply partnership, which makes staying active even more rewarding. Multiply is one of South Africa’s largest wellness and rewards programmes and FitKey is the latest fitness app which is taking South Africa by storm. Their partnership heralds a new era in wellness.

FitKey is an app that introduces a new type of gym membership, which allows people-on-the-go to train at any one of their partner fitness studios or gyms countrywide. Their partnership will launch their rewards initiative, #Rewards4ActiveDayz™, with Multiply.

#Rewards4ActiveDayz™ is a great initiative that aims at getting members of Multiply to be more active by using the FitKey app. Multiply members will also receive 25% off their monthly FitKey membership when they sign up. For users to qualify for #Rewards4ActiveDayz™ they need to participate in a FitKey class. The more Active Dayz™ accumulated in a month, the more HealthReturns you earn if you are a Momentum Health member. Members can accumulate as much as R450 in HealthReturns per month.

For many people, busy lifestyles have made keeping fit a challenge. Multiply and FitKey have changed the traditional concept of exercise into something more accessible and interesting. “Keeping your exercise regime more dynamic and varied makes it more fun and encourages you to follow your fitness plan,” says Evan Walther ,co- CEO of FitKey, “and the added benefit of HealthReturns plus an additional R150 Multiply online shop voucher makes it even more worthwhile.”

It is also very important to make sure that nutrition plays a key role in your wellness programme to get the optimum benefits from your healthy lifestyle. Hydration is extremely important to help boost energy levels and increase your metabolic rate. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will also help boost your immune system and are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Finding the right vitamin supplement is also beneficial to keep your energy levels up. “The VÖOST range by Vital Health Foods, an effervescent tablet, is designed to support good health and supply the necessary vitamins that can be lacking in your diet.” Says Andrea du Plessis, Vital Health Foods nutrition expert. “VÖOST can also be added to your morning smoothie giving you the ultimate vitamin boost to start your day.”

Making healthy choices and having an active lifestyle has multiple benefits. Many health problems, such as strokes, heart disease and certain cancers, can be avoided by exercising regularly. “At Multiply, changing the way people feel about exercising is important to us. We believe that encouraging our members to make long term health choices is crucial, and rewarding them for their efforts is important.” says Saray Khumalo, Head of Partner Management at MMI Holdings.

Under current economic circumstances, gym memberships and other expenditure on fitness take a severe knock as they are often viewed as non-essential expenses. Multiply and FitKey are committed to making a fitness regime part of everyday life with their cost effective memberships and the #Rewards4ActiveDayz™ initiative. “Knowing that partaking in fitness classes can earn you HealthRewards that translate into cash is a fantastic incentive,” says Saray Khumalo, “and in our financial climate every cent counts.”

About FitKey

Launched in May 2015, FitKey is a new type of gym membership that gives you access to fitness classes at different gyms and studios across South Africa. For an affordable monthly fee of R495 (R250 trial), gym-goers can use Fit Key’s website or mobile app to book their favourite classes and discover new classes by location, time and type of fitness class.

Press Release by Craig Dummett from Dummett and Company

There were lovely different smoothies to choose from. Magnesium, Vitamin B, Calcium & Vitamin C to name but a few. Also some coffee and muesli with yoghurt. The first guest speaker was Dr. Michael Moll from the TV series “Hello Doctor” & “Dr. Moll Show”. This was followed by nutritionist Andrea du Plessis from Vital Health Supplements.

After this the co-founder of FitKey, Evan Walter (originally from NY) gave us a speech on his idea to create FitKey followed by Tyron Hatch co-owner of Cross Fit District Six. Thereafter, everybody who wanted to join them for a 15min crossfit session was invited to join them.

Photos by Lenni de Koker 





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