The Month Of Love – With Catrice Cosmetics

Love at first sight?… No, it’s not a coincidence, its the month of LOVE! Catrice Cosmetics has just launched their new Limited Edition ‘Alluring Reds’ range. They are presenting a comprehensive range of unique red shades for the lips and nails, which includes gorgeous shades of Lipgloss, Lipsticks and Nail Lacquer’s. Avaialble for purchase in store now.

Burgundy, merlot, cinnabar, crimson or ruby.

The colour red has many facets and can lean towards yellow or blue, which means that it can be warm or cool. Red is a particularly eye-catching colour and stands out as a warning signal. At the same time, the complementary colour cyan is known to express a sense of life, passion and powerful emotions.

The special significance of red as a rare colorant also creates a link to beauty and attractiveness, making this shade extremely popular with designers. Take a quick glance at the Autumn/Winter collections and you cannot help but see red.

Not in disbelief but because red is omnipresent. Flared or figure-hugging dresses and skirts as well as accessories, lips and nails – the colour red is the common thread.

The Catrice Cosmetics Range

Lip Colour & Care

Colour: Smooth Operator 

Price: R69.95

Ready for Red. This lipbalm with a shiny finish and light colour dispersion pampers the sensitive skin around the lips so that it feels soft and supple. Worn on its own, it creates a natural look. Used as a basis, the Lip Colour & Care ensures particularly smooth and flawless colour results.

Liquid Lipstick 

Colours: Moulin’s Rouge, Brigitte Bordeaux, Marilyn Monrouge

Price: R69.95

Red is the New Black. Three Liquid Lipsticks in different nuances of red offer creamy, highly pigmented lip colour and the intensive shine of a lipgloss in one. This combination of gloss and lipstick is also an eye-catcher thanks to its packaging – the premium lipgloss case with an integrated applicator has the look of a lipstick. Sensual and modern!

Matt Lip Colour

Colours: Attraction, Striking Attitude, Attempt To Conquest

Price: R89.95

Red Passion. Intensive colours and a fashionable matt finish. The highly pigmented, long-lasting texture has a convincing high coverage for beautifully pampered lips. The elegant stylo pen rests comfortably in the hand and is a perfect match for a feminine glamour look.

Nail Glaze

Colours: Object Of Desire, Art Of Seduction, Pleasure Of Temptation

Price: R89.95

Re(d)volution. These sets each consist of a silver Base Coat and a red nail polish. Applied individually, every colour is a fashion statement in itself. Used in combination, the two polishes turn into an innovative eye-catcher. The silver Base Coat appears with a unique porcelain shine, the red polish applied on top has a metallic, high-gloss effect.

Where Can I Purchase These:

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  1. Shane Avatar

    My woman would love it all. Blonde hair and red lips is God’s greatest creation in my opinion

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thanks for your comment Shane!

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