The Natural Magic of Crystals

The Natural Magic of Crystals

There is something enchanting about crystals.  Everyone loves their complex colours, patterns, shapes and textures.  Children seem to have a particular fondness of gems and stones, and every woman knows the power of a diamond!

It is because of humanity’s renewed love of, and interest in, the magical world of gems and crystals, that Trish Taylor and Ryan Edmonds are wanting to share some of their own learnings with you. We’ll cover all the basics of sacred minerals in a simple (and really fun) workshop.

Imagine arriving in the morning to a bowl of brown rice, and digging into it… The first crystal you find has a special message for you.

Using the colour of this crystal, and some beginner insight into the chakras, we learn if your chakra needs stimulation, or cooling, energy or balance.

Each crystal colour we learn about will help to bring balance to the chakras. In addition,  it will bring alignment to your energetic anatomy. Plus, you will then receive a pendant which will be your personal talisman over the next few weeks and months.

Did you know you can use crystals as a pendulum? 

With the crystal pendulums at our Lifestyle Shop we will teach you how to diagnose which chakras are open, closed, over active, under active or blocked. Furthermore, we’ll show you how to use the power of the pendulum (in alignment with your Higher Self) to balance the health of the person you are working on.

We also cover how to cleanse, charge, imbue, and how to focus your crystal’s energies to match up with your desires… Like ancient libraries or endless potential.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about crystals, colours, the basics of chakras, and touch the natural magics of Mother Earth, then join us on 25 FEBRUARY, 10:30 at LIFE RETREAT STUDIO.

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