The Secret To Effective Weight Loss This Winter

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Did you know that 2/3rds of the South African population are now overweight!

That’s right, we are getting fatter by the day and it is affecting our health in a negative way.

There has been a great deal of speculation in the media, as to what brings this about and what can we do about it. Now is the time to do something about those extra kilos – but how finding a diet Program that is inexpensive but effective is often a large part of the battle.

Look no further, we have such a program and we have helped more than 50,000 people lose weight over the past 21 years. Our program was formulated by Dr Harry Neveling and addresses all the important aspects of why you are overweight, how to lose it and keep it off. Every kilo lost today, makes for a happier and healthier tomorrow.

The Medi-Shape diet includes the following 4 important cornerstones to ensure your weight loss!

1. Healthy Eating – An effective Diet Program, with good principles, that improves your health, combined with your blood type to determine which foods you should eat or avoid.

2. Natural Products – These products help suppress the appetite, detoxify the body, boost the metabolism and reduce tiredness while you Diet.

3. Fluid Control – A special correct fluid-program to cleanse your body while you lose weight.

4. Mild Exercise – A customized, easy exercise program.

The best way to see weight loss is to get active.

Add to this…

regularly monitor your weight on a graph and assistance by someone to help you if you get stuck.

Next… follow a Maintenance-program to stabilizes your new weight, with basic eating principles. (This helps you not to pick up the weight you have just lost)

The Medi-Shape program contains all the aspects to help you lose the extra kilos and be in control of your Weight again.

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