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The Pink Table Project is an initiative in its infancy yet already achieving incredible results! This past year the project involved more than 80 restaurants at which patrons booked to enjoy a healthy set menu. They were also encouraged to decorate their tables in a vibrant pink theme and requested to donate R100 per person (on top of the bill) to the PinkDrive, raising more than R100 000 for breast cancer awareness and early detection! #ThePinkTableProject

On the 25th of February, still partnering with #ThePinkTableProject which runs for the duration of February, Mondiall Restaurant in Cape Town, adapted the idea by inviting a group of fabulous woman to enjoy a healthy three-course lunch where they also made a R100 donation to the PINKDRIVE on behalf of each guest at the table.

Their chef sourced the freshest ingredients focusing on those with cancer-fighting benefits including raspberries – phytonutrients; beetroot – anthrocyanins; salmon – omega 3 and vitamin A; spinach – carotenoids/beta carotene; tender stem broccoli – fibre rich in galactose; sesame asparagus – lignans and wild mushroom – immune system booster.





A special thank you to Graham Beck WinesGraham Beck Bubbly and Cheeky Bum for the Gorgeous wine and gifts for the goodie bags!




More About #ThePinkTableProject

FEBRUARY 4th 2016 is WORLD CANCER DAY and each participating restaurant will await your booking to be seated at their PINK TABLE, celebrating every positive step taken to BEAT-THE-CRAP-OUT-OF-CANCER.

It’s an evening where we get our nearest and dearest together at one table, to celebrate living and all things good about life, reminding us about what we are fighting for.

Our mission is two-fold;
1. To host the largest and coolest dinner party in South African History, and hopefully create World History, setting the bar for restaurants internationally to follow suit and make this a global effort that is seen as a permanent fixture in the International Gastronomical Calendar.
2. To create Awareness around Cancer Wellness Management.

We’ve asked each participating restaurant to host their own pink tables, where you the patron can simply phone them up and ask to book a Pink Table.

(To see full restaurant list go to http://thewellnesstrail.blogspot.co.za/2015/10/thepinktableproject.html)

Our minimum table booking is that of 4 people, but we hope you’ll get a whole host of your family and friends together and book a large table, and encourage others to do the same. Our ultimate aim is to get each restaurant fully booked, each fully-pinked-out, and looking amazing.

All you need to do is contact the restaurants on our daily updated list on the link provided, and ask to sit at a Pink Table. R100 per patron at your table will be added to your bill, which will be directly donated to the Beneficiaries. No administration fees are attached. The rest of your bill is the standard restaurant charge.

At whichever restaurant you book at, you stand a chance to WIN a R1000 DINNER VOUCHER, plus other prizes, redeemable with a 2nd booking after the Pink Table Function, but only at that restaurant.

We will also be offering a PRIZE for the BEST DRESSED TABLE, where EACH PATRON seated at the winning table wins a R1000 DINNER VOUCHER to any restaurant participating in the PINK TABLE PROJECT. (See Updated List) (Maximum seating for a winning table is 12 patrons, and if your table is less than 12, you only win a voucher per person seated, booked and charged for.)

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DECORATE YOUR OWN TABLE, at your own expense, or you can leave it to your restaurant to decorate, at their expense. (If you leave it up to them, then leave it up to them, don’t interfere, but if you decide to decorate the table, please ask for crockery, cutlery and glassware….and then the rest is up to you. All tables have to be decorated and photographed by 4pm on the 4th of February 2016 and needs to be coordinated directly with the restaurant.)

Your Theme: DIPPED IN PINK and left to SPARKLE! (For your table and you)

We’ve challenged restaurants to create a SET-MENU for their PINK TABLE, which some are opting for a DECADENT but HEALTHY SET-MENU for the evening, in celebration of GOOD FOOD, and how healthy food helps with defeating CANCER and other Non-Communicable Diseases. But if you prefer their original menu, go for that.

Please note that some restaurants may opt to only serve the SET-MENU, if they are fully booked with Pink Tables, however, it is not a pre-requisite for it to be healthy. That is a separate challenge to the restaurants, and we have challenged them to make it as exciting, delicious, daring & healthy as possible, but it up to them to decide what health is to them.

Its up to the restaurant to make their Pink Table Evening better than other restaurants, and how they do this is up to them.

Please join our table and book direct, we look forward to your posts and social media updates.

(To see full restaurant list go to http://thewellnesstrail.blogspot.co.za/2015/10/thepinktableproject.html)

#ThePinkTableProject #WellnessisEverywhere @TheWellnessTrail @ThePinkDrive

www.pinkdrive.co.za. (P.B.O No: 930025326)
The Wellness Trail








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