Three Satisfying Lunches That Promote Weight Loss

Three Satisfying Lunches That Promote Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably cutting calories wherever you can. However, this isn’t what you should be doing to get rid of that excess fat…

What you should be doing is eating regular, healthy meals because this will help keep your blood sugar levels steady and your appetite-regulating hormones in check.

It’s always easier to get something to snack on from the office vending machine than prepare something in the morning. And, because it’s very challenging to make healthy lunch choices, we’ve put together three pack lunch ideas that are as simple to prepare as they are healthy (and delicious!).

1. Salad in a jar

A salad is loaded with fibre to help you resists cravings and feel fuller for longer. All you need to do to prepare your salad is, layer all your favourite salad components in a Mason jar, then pour in your dressing of choice. Start by adding the firmer vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber and peppers at the bottom of the jar and then to add your greens. For a vitamin-rich combination, choose a mix of leafy greens such as kale, spinach and romaine.

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2. Yoghurt parfait

A yoghurt parfait packs a punch of both dietary fibre from the oat clusters and fruit and quality protein from the Greek yoghurt. To make one, simply layer one cup of mixed berries with a half-cup of low-fat Greek yoghurt and a half-cup of oat clusters in a parfait glass and tuck in!

3. Green smoothie bowl

A green smoothie bowl is the perfect option when you’re pressed for time. You can blend whatever you like, be it fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and high-fibre carbs. Just ensure you have a combination of nutrients that will fill you up without going overboard on the calories. To prepare your smoothie bowl, blend a half-cup of frozen blueberries, one frozen banana, one cup of baby spinach and a half-cup of low-fat Greek yoghurt. Then, pour the smoothie into a serving bowl and top with chia seeds and chopped nuts. Delicious!

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