Three Ways to Maximise Muscle Growth

Three Ways to Maximise Muscle Growth

If you want to maximise muscle growth, especially from your workouts, you have to know what and how to eat before and after each training session.

The period before and immediately after training plays a major role in your success at growing your muscles. It is called the “anabolic window” and is the time when your body prepares to build muscle. However, according to Alan Aragon, a leading nutritionist, “The most important factor for muscle size and strength is your total daily protein intake. So, include at least 20g of protein at every meal and snack”. Here are three easy ways to quickly build muscles and increase muscle strength:

1. Plan your meals for muscle

Try to eat 120g – 180g of protein every day and about four to six times a week. You can add protein to to meal plan by including a big protein shake an hour before your workout, and a smaller one after your workout. You can also have an early dinner that includes a piece of  chicken, meat, or fish, plus rice or potatoes and greens. In addition, eat a late-night three-egg omelette with a chunk of dark chocolate with peanut butter and a side of Greek yoghurt.

2. Power up with powder

For a good early morning boost, blend a banana, two cups black coffee, a handful of walnuts and 1 Tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa with two scoops of 100% chocolate Whey Protein powder.

3. Upgrade your workout

If you want to maximise your time in the gym, start by doing “drop sets.” On the final set of your lifts or as soon as you start to fail, drop the weight by 25% and do as many reps as you can. You can also use the “rest-pause” method. During this method, you lift a set to failure, rest for a few seconds, then do a few more reps and repeat. This method really cranks up your heart rate!

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