Tips And Tricks To Prevent A Hangover

How many times have you gone out with some friends after work or just going out for a few drinks and then woke up the next day feeling like you’ve been run over by a train? You are running late, your head hurts and you feel drained of all your energy. Here’s how to have fun and not wake up with a hangover:

How would you like to not wake up with a hangover, after a night out in town? When you know that you are going to be drinking, you can’t always be sure as to how much.

Therefore, you should always try to have your own hangover prevention kit in your car, or handbag as well as keeping the following in mind:

While drinking:

  • Always mix your alcohol with juice instead of fizzy drinks, as your body can use the vitamins. If you are wine drinker, mix your wine with soda, to make a spritzer.
  • Drink with taste. Expensive spirits have been filtered more, and therefore have less impurities, and toxins, which makes your hangover less severe.
  • Remember to wash your hands as often as possible, as alcohol breaks down your immune system, and increases your chances of infection, as well as lengthens your recovery time.
  • Drink clear spirits like Vodka or Gin, as they also have less toxins than the darker spirits.
  • Cut down on your smoking, or better still stop! Studies have proven that the more you smoke, the worse your hangover will be.
  • Stay away from the bubbly. Champagne accelerates the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, making you drunker faster, causing those killer hangovers accompanied with those intense headaches.
  • Have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink.

After drinking – going to bed:

hangover prevention.Lavender-Eye-Masks

  • Don’t flood your body by drinking too much water before you go to bed. It puts more strain on the bladder, and you can’t get a good night’s rest if you have to constantly get up to go to the bathroom. Rather limit your water intake to a couple of glasses, at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Remember to leave a glass of water next to your bed to treat your dry mouth in the morning.
  • It’s always a good idea to take a multi vitamin, loads of vitamin C before going to bed. Keep a painkiller next to your water, in case of emergency.
  • Don’t drink painkillers containing acetaminophen, as this can cause serious damage to your liver and kidneys. An anti-inflammatory may help as it will attack the inflammation caused by alcohol.
  • Get a good night’s sleep by making sure the room is dark enough, with no disruptions. A restless night can make your hangover worse. Rest helps improve your body’s immunity.

The next morning:

hangover prevention.Solal-Milk-Thistle

  • Drink soda water in the morning, it helps to speed up your body’s alcohol metabolism.
  • Avoid herbal teas which will slow down the alcohol metabolism process in your body, making the hanger last longer.
  • Have a plain poached egg or omelette, rather than greasy bacon, because the cysteine in eggs helps to break down the toxins causing headaches produced when your body is still in the process of digesting the alcohol.
  • Have a big glass of fresh orange juice.
  • Always make sure you carry these items in your bag or keep it in your car: Sleeping mask and a spare toothbrush.
  • Multivitamins, your body can use the Antioxidants.
  • Any capsules containing Milk thistle. Have them before and after you go out to help with heartburn, and with assisting your liver to expel and digest toxins.
  • Skinny Green Coffee drink is always a lifesaver, it will help to increase your metabolism, it’s full of anti-oxidants and gives you that extra boost of energy when you need it.


Never drink and drive!

Stay over at a friend’s house or book nearby accommodation. If you need to go home, then hire a taxi.

Have fun, stay safe, and the answer is, do not drink excessively!






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