Tips For Creating A Beautiful Garden

beautiful garden

If you’re looking to transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor space but don’t know where to start, these few tips that could help you. With a little bit of effort anyone can create their own little bit of heaven.

Learn gardening basics before you start

If you want to avoid costly mistakes, you have to learn the basics of gardening. There’s lots of information out there or you can join a gardening club. The clubs usually have experienced gardener that could even give you free seeds or cuttings.

Allow the plants to be the stars of the garden

These days beautiful gardens have water features, expensive decking and paving including state of the art lighting. But how many of us actually have the luxury of creating such gardens? Back in the day, a variety of plants were the stars of the show.

Making a lovely garden can be very expensive and the initial preparation can be hard work, and it´s not something you can achieve overnight.So,  if you have a few ideas, loads of patience, a strong back and of-course the will to succeed, you can create your dream garden.

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Grow your own plants

You can grow your plants from cuttings or seeds if you’re on a limited budget. Once you get the hang of it ad your plants flourish, you’ll be the one ready to swap with your friend or even sell. If you see something in someone’s garden that you like and are not afraid to ask, you could get a few cuttings,  a few seed heads or a portion of root to add to your collection. Just remember that growing your own plants takes time.

Transforming a new garden

You may have moved house or taken on someone’s neglected garden and are faced with what looks like a building site or  jungle. It’s normal to want to get weed killer but don’t do it. You’ll be destroying real treasures hidden in your soil. It’s better to take the difficult path and manually work your garden. Also, take some time to plan for your new garden.

Make your own plant feed and compost

Most people avoid doing this but it’s super easy. You ca make compost bins using fencing posts and chicken wire. You can even use an old dustbin perforated with holes. Your compost heap can include layers of firstly things that break down slowly like woody stems followed by vegetable household waste and eggshells. You can also add coffee grounds and trimmings from garden plants. Furthermore, you have to turn your compost often and water it to keep it moist.

You should also be on the look out for manure. It´s usually free to those willing to bag and transport it. However, watch out for un sterilized manure as it carries weeds, wild flower and grass seed. It’s okay to use if you are prepared to spend time weeding.

Happy gardening!

We all know by now that Epsom salt has many health benefits, but very few know that it can be just as beneficial to your garden.

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