Tips And Strategies For Emotional Regulation And Cognitive Function

Tips And Strategies For Emotional Regulation And Cognitive Function Habits

It may be true that the key to reverse-engineering old habits is simply to implement new ones to replace them. We all know this is easier said than done, so what is it hat keeps us from sticking to a new habits?

Simply put, adhering to the new system takes more effort, time and planning than simply falling into the grooves of old habits. If implementing a new habit is like giving the brain a software update, then it follows that this process is only worth while if the new system is more efficient, freeing up time and energy where the old system was draining resources. 


Streamline Your Wellness Systems To Make New Habits Easy And Permanent

Here are three items to keep on your nightstand, which will streamline your system and simplify the shift into mindful habits, and deter you from falling back into old patterns.


1. Supplements

Make it impossible to forget taking your supplements by leaving them on your nightstand. If you are unsure about which supplements best suit to your lifestyle needs, consider booking a consultation with one of our wellness experts.

2. Water

Hydrating the body upon waking is essential to starting the day on the right note. Keep yourself on track by ensuring that it is the first thing you see in the morning.

3. Journal

Frame your sleep by starting and ending the day with either an intention setting or a gratitude practice.

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