Tips For Parents: Dealing With Diaper Rash

dealing with diaper rash

Obviously, the villain that causes distress of diaper rash is the diaper. But, a diaperless in fact is a disaster in the making. Fortunately, you can take some steps besides doing away with diapers that will lessen the likelihood of diaper rash for your baby.



1. Ask your doctor about zinc

One study showed that infants who often get diaper rash have lower than normal levels of zinc in their bodies. In another study, babies given 10mg of oral zinc gluconate crushed and mixed with milk had less diaper rash than babies who didn’t get zinc.

2. Try breast feeding

For pregnant women debating breastfeeding vs bottle, you may want to know that breast-fed babies have fewer diaper rashes because their urine and stoll are more acidic.

3. Blot or blow your baby dry

If your baby has already developed diaper rash, your major focus should still be keeping the diaper dry. Don’t wash the diaper area when your baby is only wet. Simply blot the urine dry. You can also use a blow dryer set on coolest temperature. If you use a blow dryer, don’t hold it too close to your baby’s skin. You should just barely be able to feel the air against your baby’s skin.

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4. Wash with mild soap

After a bowel movement, when washing is necessary, use a mild soap instead of baby wipes, since the wipes may contain irritating chemicals.

5. Watch out for these harmful products

Cornstarch may help keep a baby dry, but don’t use talcum powder. it’s so light that it can be inhaled by your bay and cause chemical pneumonia, which can be fatal. When using any kind of powder, be sure to keep it away from your baby’s face. Other harmful products you should never use are boric acid, baking soda, egg whites(an old home remedy) and ointments such as vaseline or A & D ointment. these ointments don’t allow water to evaporate.
Don’t use antibiotic ointments, products containing hydrocortisone, or non prescription antifungal products until you’ve checked with your doctor.

Lastly, take heart! Incidences of diaper rash become less and less common as your baby grows older and needs less frequent diaper changes.

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