Tips For Rheumatoid Arthritis Travelers

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying yourself! Most of all, it shouldn’t stop you from travelling. If your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms leave you afraid of travelling, here are tips to you help travel safely and freely.





Before you go:

1. Plan well in advance

Try to take your holiday when you’re most likely to feel at your best. If changes in weather affect your symptoms, travel to a destination in suitable weather.

2. Include rest days in your plans

Rest on the first day of your holiday, and ensure you rest on the last day too. You may also want to slow down and get some rest before leaving for your holiday. Furthermore, when you return, rest before getting back to your normal activities.


3. Carry a proper suitcase

Ensure your hand luggage and main luggage is easy to carry around and shouldn’t put any strain on your hands or shoulders.

4. Pack your medications

And, don’t forget to read the package inserts too so you pack the medication according to manufacture instructions. Furthermore, carry proof of your prescription with you, in case you lose your medication. Don’t forget to pack a list of your medications with you, and a brief medical history.

On your way:

5. Take regular breaks especially if you’re driving

And if you fly, ask for help at the airport and onto the plane if need be. In addition, try taking flights without stops so you don’t have to walk far for connecting flights. And, while in the plane, try to get up as much as you can and sit at the isle so you can stretch.

Holidays are a great time to rest as well as have fun and sight see! So, don’t let let your symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis get in the way of your travel plans. Use these tips to have a safe and pleasant holiday.

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