Tips For Solo Female Travellers

Tips For Solo Female Travellers

Travelling alone can be a very fulfilling time when you get to learn a great deal about yourself. The journey of self discovery can start when you travel and, when you’re travelling alone, that opportunity doubles.

When you travel alone, you’ll be facing every little challenge by yourself. Therefore, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind to help you discover yourself best through your travel.



1. Plan, Plan, Plan

You don’t have to fully map out every minute of your trip. However,  you have to know your basic planned route in advance. So,  ensure you know important things like your hotel address and phone number, flight information, as well as any emergency contact information. It’s important that you keep the information in your phone and also print a copy and keep it with your important documents. This can help you avoid complications later. If you can, give all this information to a loved one at home and remember to have a planned time to call them to check in.

2. Manage changing plans

Your suitcase could break open or your bus could be late. You could also get lost. Don’t panic. It’s okay. The complications are a natural part of travel. Your attitude and willingness to adapt in the moment will determine the difference between a travel horror story and an exciting adventure. So, take a deep breath, find a place preferably with WiFi access where you can sit and think and come up with a new plan. Enjoy the chaos!

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3. Remain open to new opportunities

One of the joys of solo traveling is the fact that you don’t have to stick to the plan especially if a better adventure comes along.  It will be easy for you to decide which activity to pursue, check out of a hotel early, or even stay longer. The only important thing you need to do when you make such let whoever is expecting you know about your change of plans.

4. Never leave your important documents behind

Ensure you always hide your emergency documents somewhere on you. Hidden travel wallets are also great for this purpose. You should also keep a copy of your passport on your phone and in your email, just in case. Emergency documents could be identification, emergency cash or a credit card and contact information for the hotel and a loved ones number. Showing an address is much easier than trying to speak a foreign language. Furthermore, it will be easier to keep your loved ones informed in case of an emergency such as unplanned hospitalization.

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