Top Male Fitness Trends Of 2016

So 2015 has left the building. 2016 is here. New year, new resolutions, new plans, new diet etc. The list could go on. Some of us stick to these plans and resolutions, but most of us will fail. So that brings me to this article. I wanted to help you, and indeed me, to stick to these fitness goals over the coming months. Male Fitness Trends…

Male Fitness trends come and go, but I have managed to get a list of up and coming trends that I believe will be around for the foreseeable future.


Fitness Wearables / Wearable Technology


Wearable technology has been around for a couple of years now, but it was only in 2015 that sales really blew up. Fitbit, Microsoft Band, Garmin, Polar and countless others have flooded the market, and are all in competition to fit as many fitness sensors as possible onto a small device designed for the wrist. Get yours today before the prices soar – a basic fitness watch will suffice and give you all the info you could possibly need.

Body-building Is Making A Comeback


That’s right. You read correct. The supposedly old fashioned body-building is making a BIG comeback in 2016. This includes the classic favourites in push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. Why now, you might be asking. It’s a good question. But while it continues to see a big surge in popularity, I suggest that all you fitness fanatic men out there give it a go.

Martial Arts

Krav Maga

If 2016 is the year of anything, it’s the year of martial arts. And that goes for both men and women. Martial arts have been featured heavily in blockbuster movies over the past 12 months and it’s now beginning to seep through into the public consciousness. The Avengers, for example, one of the highest grossing films of all time, used martial arts in abundance. If you want to really hit the ground running, I suggest krav maga (an Israeli self defence martial art) or taekwondo, both of which are proving extremely popular in these early days of 2016.

Cardio In The Home

Alternative Motion 2

Alternative motion are the words on everyone’s lips this year. Alternative motion machines are sweeping aside the traditional machines like the treadmill in the home. The way they work is very simple: the suspended pedals mimic running or climbing in a variety of different ways. Most importantly, the alternative motion machines allow for a far more natural way of movement than any of the older style home cardio machines.

Guys, 2016 could and should be the year you get into shape. The technology is smarter and more refined than ever, the variety is huge and the prices aren’t crazy. So get your fitness on!






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  1. Piet Avatar

    can you suggest gym classes that are the best and taylord for men only?

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Hi Piet. Thanks for your comment. In answer to your question, try indoor rowing classes. They are very male focused in terms of participants.

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