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The new IYOS Store recently launched in the beautiful Gardens Centre in Cape Town.  Their focus is on providing their customers with stunning top-quality branded jewellery, watches, sunglasses and friendly, efficient customer service to match. They offer quality international brands, like Trollbeads, Daisy & Nomination as well as some fantastic local products, such as Ballo & Cowling Collective.

Get started with Trollbeads by collecting a bracelet that fits your style, memories and personality. Let your Trollbeads tell the best or most meaningful stories of your life by following three simple steps:

Select a bracelet

Select a lock

Select beads

The Original Concept:

The combination of originality, creativity, very high quality, and a love for quirkiness is what makes Trollbeads different from other jewellery. They believe that the urge to collect is a basic instinct. Our whole life is built up by memories and Trollbeads gives you the chance to symbolically carry these memories with you or just to have fun with them.

They enjoy that their customers inspire them and keep on developing the concept. Trollbeads was created in collaboration with the customers when the customers developed the concept of putting several beads on the bracelets, and even today their customers continue to inspire and fill them with enthusiasm.

The Idea Behind Trollbeads is that it is a bead-on-bracelet/-necklace/-earring product, where you can build your own story by adding the beads the way you want to. You can collect a bracelet entirely from beauty, diversity, and colours that fit your clothes, personality, or memories.

My Ideal Design:

The Chain Bracelet


To get your Trollbeads Bracelet started, you can choose between various types like leather, sterling silver or gold. I love the elegance of the silver bracelet, it is delicate and represents sophistication.


The Lucky Knot

Lucky Knot

On each end of the bracelet i would add a lucky knot as pictured above. I love that the lucky knot represents good luck and happiness. I believe in good luck, and this lucky knot will bring me a lot of success and happiness.


Amazonite Stone


I would then add an Amazonite bead after the lucky knots towards the middle of the bracelet.

The stone of courage said to be named after the Amazon women warriors. Another legend says that it is simply named after the Amazon River in Brazil where it is found in rocks of granite. It is also called the Hope stone because it inspires confidence and hope.

A strong woman represents confidence and hope, and i believe that this bead will give you strength when it is needed, it will encourage you and keep you inspired. We must never give up hope!


The Seaglow Bead


This bead i would add in the very middle of the bracelet between the two Ammonite beads.

I absolutely fell in love with this bead after reading that in a silent and magical moment you see a blue glimpse of light from the elegant ballerinas of the sea.

There is something so magical about the ocean, i love going down to the beach and just staring at the waves, all the beautiful colours and how magnificent it is that the sea just never ends in sight. I also believe that the never ending sight of the sea represents never ending dreams, never ending hope, and never ending success.


The Temples Lock 

Temples Lock

Open the temple gate and be overwhelmed by the ornamentation, light and peace.

To View The Whole Trollbeads Collection Click Here

Trollbeads Mantra:

As artists, we seek to express beauty through all that is magical, mystical and whimsical in the world around us – so that others may find self-expression and enjoyment through our work.

As craftsmen, we seek to create jewellery from nature’s finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality – so that our work is considered the standard of excellence.

As an enterprise, we seek to engage with those who share our vision, our passion and ideals, and to transact honestly with all – so that we are known as a company with a soul.

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More At IYOS

Another brand they stock is X jewellery.

X Jewellery is a range of high quality silver, bronze, gold and rubber links which connect with a “simple twist”, to create bespoke jewellery pieces.

Each link has a compelling personality of its own, from ultra-modern to personal and creative symbols, your unexpected combinations can tell a highly individual story about you.

Complete bracelets/necklaces evoke a sense of raw elegance and appeal to those who are not afraid to make a bold statement of their own personal style.

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