Two Natural Remedies For Impotence

Two Natural Remedies For Impotence

Impotence is a very common problem nearly all men experience at one time or another. Most men want to solve their problem without taking drugs, which too often cause unpleasant side-effects.

Here are two ways you can restore your potency naturally.



1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A man’s ability to obtain and maintain an erection depends almost wholly upon what might be termed ‘the hydraulics’; having a sufficient supply of blood to the penis in order to erect it. And the secret of good circulation is a sensible, healthy lifestyle. Researchers have discovered that men with erectile problems often have low levels of one or more of vitamins A, C, E, B12 and the nutrient zinc. Therefore, increase your intake of these and avoid a diet that is rich in saturated fats. These can contribute to temporary and/or chronic impotence, and may even be a direct cause of it.

According to Dr Padma-Nathan of the University of California, more than 50% of all cases of impaired erectile function are the result of the tiny arteries leading to the penis becoming obstructed because of an excessive intake of high fat foods. Also don’t drink alcohol excessively. This deadens your senses and interferes with the erectile mechanism, leading to temporary or even long-term failure. Research confirms that excessive chronic drinking eventually leads to less testosterone being produced, which in turn diminishes libido and sexual prowess.

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2. Yohimbine

You can get yohimbine or yohimb from your local health food shop. This is a herbal remedy comes from the bark of a West African tree. A drug made from yohimbine also successfully restores potency. This is according to a study in Canada where it restored potency in up to 62% of cases. The herbal version is safer but less potent than the drug, so you will have to use this prescription-freecourse for a longer period.

There are other natural substances that are available from most health food shops and can stimulate and prolong sexual activity. The herb ginseng, containing pharmaceutically active ingredients that influence erectile function. Another is nutmeg which can delay ejaculation, ginger, which is helps overcome impotence and guarana, now being used in some coffee substitutes and shown to have a ‘wake-up’ effect on male genitalia.

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