What It Means To Eat Clean

What It Means To Eat Clean

I know it’s not the best time to be talking about clean eating, but we should talk about it now, so you can add it your  new year resolutions. This article is for you if you don’t know how to go about cleaning up your diet.

Clean eating is about eating more of the best and healthiest foods and eating less of the not-so-healthy ones. But, what does it all mean, exactly? What foods are considered “clean”? Lets dig deeper…

What’s a “clean” meal?

A meal is clean if it has a fresh, whole foods with all of their nutrients intact. This means embracing whole foods like fruits and whole grains, vegetables including fats and healthy proteins. It also means cutting back on additives, refined grains, preservatives, pesticides, unhealthy fats and large amounts of sugar and salt. You also have to avoid highly refined foods with ingredients you’d need a lab technician to help you pronounce.

Examples of clean meals

There are so many recipes and clean eating dishes online. However, to help get started, here are a few basic ones I love:


Celery, spinach, cucumber and pineapple smoothie
Diced summer fruit with Greek yoghurt
Poached eggs and a slice of rye bread


Carrot sticks and hummus
Slices of green apple and almond butter
Low fat yoghurt and cashew nuts


Quinoa fruit salad
Smoked salmon and sliced avocado on a low GI roll
Chicken breast fillet and a cup of veggies


Chicken, chickpea and tomato salad
Seared salmon fillet and green beans
Spinach lasagne

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  1. Richman Avatar

    please teach me more about clean eating

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Hi Richard, Below are a few articles that could guide you:

      Dietary Alternatives That Make Healthy Eating Easier
      How To Eat Clean On A Low Budget/
      How To Overcome Your Junk Food Cravings

      We’ll let you know when we’ve got more.

      All the best!

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