What Makes Our Seed Oil One Of The Best

What Makes Seed Oil SA One Of The Best

Seed Oil SA is the biggest manufacturer of Grape Seed Oil in South Africa. Our oils are cold pressed, which is the most natural and purest process for yielding quality grape seed oil.

We do not pre-heat our seeds. We also do not use solvents to extract the oil from the seed. The result is extra virgin cold pressed grape seed oil. We export to various countries around the world every year and are a certified manufacturer of organic oils under the European Union and USA (NOP) standards.

What makes our Grape Seed Oil so good?

South Africa’s grape vines are of the healthiest in the world – we use less pesticides than other countries and our grapes and free of genetically modified organisms (GMO-free).

As we extract the oil from the grape seed using cold pressing rather than chemical extraction, we don’t preheat the seed. Thus, we preserve the natural goodness. We then cool the virgin oil to freezing point so that the esters (responsible for the smell and the taste of the oil) crystallise. This is then naturally filtered from the oil.

The result is extra virgin cold pressed grape seed oil – natural goodness as its best!

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Seed Oil SA has Grape Seed Oil as our flagship oil. But, we also produce oils such as Flax Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Baobab Oil, Coconut Oil. In addition, we also produce the milled powders of these products. These are: Grape Seed Powder, Hemp Seed Powder, Flax Powder, Organic Baobab Powder and Coconut Powder.

We also have a range of massage oils, and have launched a premium range named Awakening. These consists of two Premium Massage Oils: Revive (Grape Seed Oil & Hemp Oil ) and Serenity (Grape Seed Oil & Rosehip & Baobab Oils)

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