What Those White Dots On Your Nails Really Mean

White Dots on nails

Most people believe that white spots on fingernails is an indication of calcium deficiency. However, there’s another culprit behind those white dots on your finger nails and today I want to tell you what you need to do to get rid of them.

The real offender behind white spots on your nails is a zinc deficiency. In fact, the spots are just the the first signs of a deficiency. Because zinc plays a significant role in growth and development and is implicated in just about every structural function in the body, it is essential to all forms of life. For instance, neurological function and reproduction are particularly dependent on zinc.

Zinc works with red blood cells to remove carbon dioxide from your body, aids in healing of wounds and promotes cell repair and cell growth. Furthermore, it helps maintain normal levels of vitamin A in the blood and maintains normal senses of taste and smell.

A zinc deficiency on the other hand causes you diarrhoea,skin problems, impaired wound healing, hair loss, reduced appetite, impaired taste sensation, swelling, night blindness and clouding of the corneas. While zinc deficiency is a serious problem and is often life threatening, there are ways to increase your zinc intake.

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How to increase your zinc intake

Researchers believe that normal amounts of zinc found in foods are good for you. However, because of its link to Alzheimer’s, it’s best to avoid taking zinc only supplements unless prescribed by your doctor. Natural sources of zinc include egg yolks, fish, milk, soya beans, sunflower seeds, whole-grain products and turkey. 

So, look out for those telltale white fingernail spots. Also, ensure you get 15mg of zinc (picolinate or citrate) into your daily regimen. If you decide to supplement, ensure you also take 2mg of copper to prevent zinc-induced copper deficiency.

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