What You Need To Know About Drinking And Diabetes

What You Need To Know About Drinking And Diabetes

Most of us have read about how a drink a day can keep the doctor away. But, what if you have type 2 diabetes? Is it still okay to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner?

Well, yes it is! However, your blood sugar has to be under control and you shouldn’t have any complications that can get affected by alcohol. And, if you’re looking for a good reason to drink, use your heart.

According to researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, women with type 2 diabetes who don’t drink large amounts of alcohol have a lower risk of heart disease than those who don’t drink. In another study, men with type 2 diabetes who drank alcohol moderately had the same reduction in heart disease risk as non-diabetic men.

How much alcohol can you drink?

Women with type 2 diabetes shouldn’t have more than one drink per day, while men shouldn’t have more than two.
These recommendations for alcohol consumption are the same even for those without diabetes. One drink is equivalent to 150 ml of wine or 350 ml of beer or 45 ml of hard liquor.


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Tips for diabetics who choose to drink

If you choose to drink and you have type 2 diabetes, you have to be extra careful and ensure you keep food, alcohol,  medications and blood sugar levels in balance. Here are top tips for diabetics who drink from a certified diabetes educator based in Miami in the United States – Janis Roszler:

  • Mix your alcohol with water instead of sugary mixers.
  • After drinking, switch to a non-alcoholic drinks such as sparkling water.
  • Have an eating strategy in place – alcohol can make you feel more relaxed, which may lead you to make poor food decisions.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach because alcohol can have a rapid blood glucose-lowering effect.
  • Wear your diabetes identification bracelet or necklace whenever you drink.

If you can avoid alcohol, please do.

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