What You Need To know About Oil Pulling

Everyone has a morning routine… After my morning exercise, I watch the news for 15 minutes while I oil pull. Oil pulling is an age-old remedy rooted in Ayurvedic medicine that uses natural substances to clean and detoxify teeth and gums.

So what exactly is the reason behind this desperate need to oil pull. Better yet why coconut oil?

Firstly, there is no desperate need. Oil pulling has been around for millennia, literally. The practice of oil pulling started in India thousands of years ago. As opposed to all the fantastic toothbrushes and mouthwashes we faced with today, people actually oil pulled to keep their up oral hygiene. Secondly, coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-viral activity that makes it especially well suited for oral health. Lastly, in this day and age we succumb ourselves to thousands of chemicals and toxins that erode gums and teeth. We in know way want you to replace your daily oral hygiene, but rather extend it to an age old practice to enhance your smile and increase your oral hygiene.

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Whitens Teeth

The oil possesses natural antibiotic and antiviral properties that brighten and clean teeth, keeping them purely white.

Brightens Smile

Try it for 2 weeks and you’ll see what I mean. Or just take a look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s smile. She’s known to follow the practice each morning.

Increases Energy

When our immune system is put to work in clearing out toxic waste from your body, it drains our energy levels. Removing the noxious culprits in the first instance.

Decreases Toxins

Oil Pulling lowers the amount of work your body has to do to function which leaves us feeling a whole lot better.


Germs in the body are much like poison causing inflammation and lead to disease and illness in turn. The gateway to the body for such contamination is the mouth.


Therefore removing the toxins at the source before they get a chance to spread. The body undergoes a natural detox. Neat!

Promote Oral Hygiene

Oil Pulling is highly effective at reducing tooth cavities and at eradicating bad breath. Removing the Streptococcus mutans bacteria.

Achieve Better Breathe

This is an important player in tooth decay. As well as other microorganisms, oil pulling is great for oral health. It also helps with plaque-induced gingivitis.

Here’s to oil pulling!


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