What You Should Be Eating For Healthy Hair

What You Should Be Eating For Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is sometimes a sign of good health. However, pollution, chemical products and poor nutrition can damage healthy hair and cause it to be limp.

If you change your diet and really start paying attention to what you eat, your hair will noticeably get thicker and grow much faster. Here are five must-eat foods for your healthiest hair ever. Add them to your diet and watch how your strands get stronger and fuller.


The best foods for healthy hair

1. Healthy fats

The first thing that you should include in your diet for your hair (and skin) is fat! You can find essential fatty acids in nuts, avocados and coconut oil. Try to consume these healthy fats as often as possible because your body doesn’t produce them naturally. Essential fatty acids have the potential to turn hair from dry and brittle into stronger and more luscious by nourishing from the root and strengthening it as it grows.

2. Protein

Since a single strand of hair is made mostly of protein, it’s evident that your hair needs protein to grow and flourish. If you’re not getting enough protein in your diet, hair growth will be slow(possibly even stop) and you’ll find that you’re losing a lot more hair than you’re used to. So get more protein into your diet! Nuts, grains, beans, seed and leafy greens are great sources of protein. Furthermore, superfoods such as spirulina are excellent too. Spirulina contains about 60% protein, so is perfect for healthy hair and super-easy to add to your morning smoothie.

3. Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals such as zinc and iron are vital for hair growth. Iron aids the movement of oxygen to hair follicles, and when there isn’t enough (anaemia), hair loss occurs. Zinc is also responsible for shiny hair. This is why your strands can look dull and even grey when your body lacks ample amounts.

Fortunately, vitamins and minerals are fairly easy to get into your diet since you can find them in so many delicious foods: beans, quinoa, nuts, oranges and lentils. If you’re eating a multifarious, whole foods-based diet, then you’re probably already regularly getting lots of this goodness into your body.

4. Apple cider vinegar

As strange as this may sound, if you have a buildup of products in your hair that are causing it to appear greasy and limp, apple cider vinegar is the perfect, natural hair care product. Simply mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar, wash your hair like normal with shampoo and conditioner, then finish off by rinsing with the diluted apple cider vinegar. Don’t rinse it out. It won’t smell when it’s dry. Just leave it in and allow it work it’s de-gunking magic.

5. Coconut oil

My favourite miracle working ingredient is coconut oil. I use it as a weekly hair mask and trust me when I say it’s really amazing. All you have to do is massage a small scoop of the oil over the ends of your hair and leave it in overnight while you sleep. Wash it out in the morning and your hair will be bouncy and shiny all day. If you don’t want to sleep in the coconut oil, even a ten minute session can work wonders!

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  1. Veronica Avatar

    I’ve tried coconut oil but I’ve never tried the apple cider vinegar… These tips are really helpful! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx


    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Veronica
      Just checking in with you
      Have you tried the apple cider vinegar yet, and if so how was your hair afterwards

    2. Trish Avatar

      Dear Veronica
      Have you tried the coconut oil yet?
      It is also a great natural mouth wash

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