What’s A Buddha Bowl?

buddha bowl

When I first heard about a Buddha bowl, I thought it was all about using a bowl to ascend into a high level of human consciousness. But, it isn’t. All a Buddha bowl is, is a deep-rimmed dish overflowing with delicious food.




So, why is it called a Buddha bowl?

It was only until recently that I found out what a Buddha bowl really is. Truth is, there are so many trends in the food industry that sometimes its hard to keep up! The Buddha bowl is named for its big, round Buddha belly shape. It’s basically a one-dish meal consisting of roasted veggies, whole grains or rice, protein and a dressing. It incorporates principles of Japanese and Chinese medicine and is popular among vegans. A Buddha bowl is the best way to eat because it has the potential to lower your risk of chronic diseases. Now that you know what a Buddha bowl is, look out for recipes in the next few days. Here are some tips on how to quickly prepare a Buddha bowl at home.

1. Cook your ingredients in batches

We all want to adopt healthy eating habits, but its important to ensure that you’re preparing nutritious meals without too much of an effort. To do this, prepare the ingredients for your Buddha bowls on the weekend, and then put your bowls together each day. You can roast some veggies, cook up a big batch of your favorite whole grains, and chop a variety of fresh veggies in advance, then assemble your bowl at lunchtime or in the morning before you leave for work.

2. Use your blender

Plan dry veggies are not appealing. So, if you want to enjoy your bowl, make a great dressing. You can easily blend dressings and have something tasty to drizzle over your healthy meal. Simply throw your favorite ingredients in the jar and blend! You ca try a raw ranch dressing, lemon-cashew dressing, or orange tahini dressing to start.

3. Buy pre-chopped veggies

Save yourself some time and buy pre-chopped vegetables in the produce aisle of your grocery store. It’ll make it super-easy to create your ball of carrot and celery sticks, bell peppers, roasted beets and even lentils.

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4. Use quick-cooking whole grains

Whole grains are filling, but they usually take forever to cook properly. So, look for microwaveable whole grains. If you feel these are pricey, cook up a storm on Sundays and freeze.

5. Add variety with this simple formula

Avoid making the same bowl every day. To keep enjoying your healthy meal, you have to mix things up everyday! Add a bit of goat cheese or some chopped chicken breast for extra flavor and protein, use leftover roasted veggies or grains from dinner, and keep different dressings.

Here’s simple formula to including different textures to your bowl:

Soft – roasted veggetables
Crunchy – toasted nuts and fresh veggies
Chewy – whole grains

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