When And Why You Should Use Aloe Gel

When And Why You Should Use Aloe Gel

The aloe gel I’m about to tell you about is not just an aloe gel. It is “Super Aloe Gel”. The aloe in Super Aloe Gel dilates blood capillaries and stimulates lymph activity in the skin.

This leads to improved nutrient supply and toxin removal. Both of which aid rapid repair and renewal of skin cells.

What is Super Aloe Gel?

Super Aloe Gel is the most versatile aloe product.  Super Aloe Gel can be called a gel-based work of art. It is infused with all the super excellent benefits of the aloe plant. In addition, Super Aloe Gel should be the first product you apply:

  • After cleansing and toning
  • Use on an itchy insect bite
  • Apply to burns.
  • Sensitive skin rash on baby’s bottom.

When and why should I use Super Aloe Gel?


 Twice daily after cleansing/toning as part of your daily skin routine.
 To pimples, marks and dry skin patches to aid a speedy recovery.
 To cuts, bruises, burns and bedsores to boost healing.
 Sunburned areas to provide pain and inflammation relief.
 Itchy and irritated skin for immediate relief of discomfort.

Can aloe penetrate my skin?

Yes, aloe has outstanding skin penetration qualities which can:
 Draw additional nutrients and moisture into all the layers of the skin.
 Penetrate the skin structures such as connective tissues, blood vessels and epidermal cells.

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What is collagen, and why is it essential to my skin?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in humans and is the substance that holds the whole body together. It is found in bones, muscles, skin and tendons, where it provides strength and structure. Furthermore, collagen helps create a fibrous network upon which new cells can grow in the skin’s middle layer (dermis). Collagen is also required in the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells. Production naturally declines with age, reducing the structural integrity of the skin and leading to sagging skin, the formation of lines and wrinkles and the weakening of cartilage in joints.

 Moisture is essential to the collagen network. Aloe restores the moisture balance of the skin, ensuring increased skin elasticity. Aloe also prevents moisture loss by creating a barrier on the skin, thus protecting the elements and even air pollutants.
 Skin dryness and an accelerated fragmentation of the collagen network in the dermis are hallmarks of skin ageing. Aloe increases the concentration of collagen compounds in the skin, producing improved elasticity and firmer skin.
 70% of the dermis layer consists of collagen.

What other benefits do the aloe in Super Aloe Gel have for my skin?

 It postpones wrinkles and deepening character lines.
 It lightens the skin and suppresses pigmentation.
 Also, it slows down the formation of freckles, moles and age spots.
 It protects skin cells against intensive solar radiation.

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    “Super Aloe Gel”. The aloe in Super Aloe Gel dilates blood capillaries and stimulates lymph activity in the skin.
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