Where Will Your Hair Take You?

Join us on an adventure to new places, new styles, and new hair possibilities with the all new ghd Wanderlust Collection. Inspired by escapism within tropical and urban jungles. Creating a story of celebration, jungle flora, hot summer hues and swirling iridescent pigments.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman that expresses herself through her true beauty. A while back I did a post on looking after your hair, and the importance it has on us as women. We often see our hair as a reflection of our identity because it is both personal and public. Your hair represents your identity, your femininity, your freedom, your beauty, and your liberation. 

Today we are going to celebrate hair by bringing you all that is new, innovative and exciting. Get inspired by others’ interpretation of the trend. 

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”

The Trends:

The Textured Wave

Don’t conform when it comes to your hair. Choose a new bohemian style that’s cool, creative and current. If you’re looking for a fresh look, textured wavy hairstyles are a fuss-free way to create a style to define you, not everyone else.

The Ripple Curl

Echo the innocence of the early romantics with the ripple curl hairstyle. Flirtatiously flawless, this curly hairstyle trend will bring a passionate and carefree feel to your look. The ripple curl forms a defined shape from root to tip, giving you a super-feminine and voluminous curly hairstyle.

Grown Up Embellishment

Showcasing individuality and personality has never been easier – let accessories and embellishments do the talking. For your next straight hairstyle, express unique style by adorning your hair with clips, pins, and bands bespoke to your look. Hair tapestry is current and cool, so take your straight hair from dull to decorated and escape the norm with grown up embellishments.

Luxe Waves

Embrace a modern take on traditional glamour. Get inspiration from immaculate curls or the avant-garde styles of the red carpet and create perfectly-sculptured deep wavy hairstyles. Stylishly luxurious, let luxe waves in hair be your reasons for unabashed selfies this season.

The Tips: 

We decided to add in a few tips and tricks for you to maintain that healthy hair and promote strength and growth. 

Go for regular trims, this is important to irradicate any split ends or unhealthy hair 

Drink water throughout the day! It is great for hair health

Start inside by eating healthy foods, lots of protein promotes hair strength

Wash every second day to avoid hair getting oilier quicker 

Avoid harmful chemicals by using good quality hair products 

The Tools: 

Platinum Tropic Sky Styler


Ruby Sunset Styler

Amber Sunrise Styler

Air Wanderlust Hairdryer

Flight Wanderlust Travel Hairdryer

The Stylers:

Trizone technology = healthier, shinier, stronger hair

Six intelligent heat sensors maintaining safety of the hair

Unique wishbone hinge 

Reduces hair breakage by up to 50%

Increases shine by up to 20%

Automatic shut off switch 

The Hairdryers:

Advanced ionic technology for reduced frizz

Silkier, softer finish

Salon strength AC motor

Ergonomic design for easy handling

Cool shot button for a quick blast of cool air

Variable power & temperature controls  

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“Where Will Your Hair Take You”





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