Which Of These Six Diets Is Best For You?

six diets

With so many different diets out there, it’s difficult to pick one unless it’s highly recommended by someone that’s walking proof of it. Furthermore, choosing the eating plan that will fit you and your lifestyle best can be even more overwhelming. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, gain a little, lower your cholesterol levels or simply live a healthier life, here is an overview of the six most popular diets that could help you choose the best diet for you.


What you need to know about some of the popular diets out there

1. The vegetarian diet

There are several types of vegetarian: semi-vegetarian, fruitarian-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian,  pesco-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian and so on. But the majority of vegetarian are lacto-ovo-vegetarians.This means, they don’t eat animal-based foods except for eggs, dairy and honey. This is a perfect diet for those who are not only against animal cruelty but also those want to lower their body weight and slash their risk of disease.

2. The vegan diet

Veganism is more a a philosophy and way of life than a diet. Vegans don’t eat anything that’s animal-based. Not even dairy,honey and eggs. Also, vegans generally don’t adopt veganism just for health reasons, but also for ethical and environmental or compassionate reasons. If you believe that modern intensive farming methods are bad for our environment and unsustainable, and that animals would suffer less if all our food were plant-based  , then this diet or lifestyle is the perfect one for you.

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3. The raw food diet

Raw Foodism involves consuming food and drinks that are plant-based, unprocessed and organic. Furthermore, say that at least 75% of your food you take as a raw foodists consists of uncooked food. Most raw foodists are also vegans. The four main types of “raw foodies” are raw vegans, raw vegetarians, raw carnivores and raw omnivores. A raw food diet is amazing for helping your body heal naturally and steer off disease.

4. The Mediterranean diet

The emphasis of this diet is on lots of plant foods, beans, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, olive oil and cereals. It also includes moderate amounts of eggs, dairy, fish and poultry. Since one third of this diet consists of healthy fat, it’s also suitable for those with neurodegenerative problems or heart disease.

5. The Paleo diet

This diet is also called the caveman diet. This is because it’s based on the diet that our primal ancestors lived on back before we had McDonald’s on every corner. It mainly consists of real, whole foods, sodium, free of hidden sugars, additives, artificial flavouring, colouring and unnecessary toxins. Because of this, the Paleo diet is perfect for those trying to lose weight and keep it off, regain energy levels or improve digestive issues.

6. The Atkins diet

With this diet, your insulin levels are under control. You see, when you eat large amounts of refined carbohydrates such as white bread and pastas, your insulin level rapidly rises … and then rapidly falls (hello, energy crash!). But when you raise insulin, it triggers your body to store as much of the energy you eat as possible. In addition, your body doesn’t use stored fat as a source of energy. Thus, this diet is perfect for anyone trying to lose weight through low-carb eating, pre-diabetics, diabetics or anyone that wants a metabolism boost.

Consult your doctor before committing to any of the above diets if you’re on any chronic medication.

Happy dieting!

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