Why Is Everyone Putting Butter In Their Coffee?

Why Is Everyone Putting Butter In Their Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee? Oh yes! People are putting coconut oil and butter in their morning coffee and swearing by the amazing results. Bulletproof coffee also called butter coffee is an amazing way to start off your day.

Not only does it energize you and boosts focus, but also improves brain function and stimulates your metabolism. If you’re still not convinced, the keep reading… 


What Bulletproof Coffee can do for you

1. Regulate your cholesterol levels

Butter from grass-fed cows has the best ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which help reduce body fat, and is also an excellent source of vitamin K. Your body needs cholesterol for healthy cellular function, to make key hormones and is vital to brain and nervous system development and function. Grass-fed butter in moderation won’t only give you your daily dose of cholesterol but also help regulate it and prevent heart disease.

2. Feed your brain and cells

The healthy fats in grass-fed butter and coconut oil help your brain and body to create membranes and hormones. The short-chain fatty acid Butyrate which was once thought to be bad for your health, has been associated with preventing neurodegenerative diseases increasing energy expenditure and even preventing heart disease.

3. Improves fat burn

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA in grass-fed butter speeds up fat burn to help reduce body mass, especially in overweight people. Therefore, when you drink Bulletproof Coffee every morning, you train your body to burn fat all day.

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4. Boosts energy levels

Coconut oil contains saturated fats known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which help to boost thermogenesis and/or fat burning in the body. Bulletproof Coffee produces ketones that increase brain function for about six hours without the crash that you get from regular coffee.

5. Keeps you full for longer

Just two tablespoons of grass-fed butter in your coffee can replace a breakfast meal altogether. This is all thanks to the high content of essential fats and calories in Bulletproof Coffee. It’s not only quick and easy to make but, a very satisfying alternative to your regular morning bowl of cereal.

Bulletproof coffee recipe


1 tbsp MCT Oil or Coconut oil
2 tbsp Butter
12 oz Coffee 


Brew a cup of coffee using any brewing method you’d like.
Add butter, MCT oil, and coffee to a blender. Blend on high for 30 seconds. Enjoy.

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    Need to learn about loosing belly fat. 58 year old female Importance of CLA, grass fed fat

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