Why Monday Mornings Are Not Good For Your Heart

Do you dread Monday Mornings? I have some news that will make you want to pull the covers back over your head. On Monday morning, you have a one third greater chance of suffering a heart attack than on any other day of the week. Here’s why…

The simple shift into high gear after two days of rest is to blame

Yes! It puts stress on your heart. Physical and mental stress on Monday mornings. Changes in hormone levels.Changes in behavior patterns over the weekend and changes in the food and drinks you consume over the weekend all contribute to the high heart attack rates.

One study noted a general increase in blood pressure in the morning, along with a condition silent ischema in which blood flow to the heart is reduced. I think this is enough to make a workaholic want to stay in bed on Mondays. But you don’t have to spend your weekends updating your will and planning your funeral. Here’s how to make Monday mornings easy on your heart:

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Take it easy

Schedule heavy labor or stressful meetings for later in the day or week. Also, ease yourself back into the routine of work. And never pick Monday morning to start an exercise routine.

Don’t be a couch potato

When you suddenly change for couch potato to hard work, you’re setting yourself up for a heart attack. Try to stay active on weekends. It’s ok to relax but try to do it by working in the yard or with a tennis game.

Don’t get up too quickly

Jumping out of bed or sitting up quickly can stress your heart. Especially if you have heart disease. So, don’t feel guilty for snoozing that alarm clock a couple of time on a Monday morning.

Don’t stop you morning exercise routine

You don’t have to wait until morning or afternoon to exercise. If you enjoy exercise in the morning, keep it up.The benefits of exercise far out-weigh any slight risk from morning workouts.

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