Why Olive Oil Is Good For Your Bones

Why Olive Oil Is Hood For Your Bones

If you’re trying to ward off osteoporosis, you’re probably adding other foods to your diet other than forcing yourself to gug down that daily litre of milk!

Well, you can now strengthen your bones by taking one ingredient that you can add to many of your meals. An ingredient that has just as many benefits for your bones as calcium.

The health benefits of olive oil 

You’ve read about the many health benefits of olive oil. And now you can add another one to your list. The benefit that it helps fight the development of osteoporosis. 

That’s right!

A nutrient in olive oil has been proven to help with preservation of bones, which results in a lower chance of the bone degeneration. 

How to use olive oil in dishes

Olive oil can withstand heat much better than other oils. Therefore, the probability of burning it while cooking is very low. 

Despite its high boiling point, olive oil tastes better when you use it as is, and there are many ways to use it straight from the bottle. 

Drizzle some olive oil over your cooked pasta instead of using other oils or butter. 

Use it as a base for your salad dressing, or drizzle it over your salad for added flavour

Dip your bread into olive oil as a snack instead of using butter.

You can also add olive oil to your marinades. The meat easily absorbs it leaving it tender and juicy. 

Other olive oil uses in the kitchen

Layer your pesto with olive oil over to seal it and keep it fresh for longer

Brush your meat with olive oil before cooking. It also helps seal the meat, giving it a good exterior crisp.

If you haven’t tried olive oil in your baking, you have no idea how much flavour your baked goods are missing. What’s more, your treats will be healthier. 

Now that you know the extensive benefits of using olive oil in your cooking go ahead and try it in any of your favourite dishes. 

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