Why We Love These Latest Cars (And Why You Will, Too!)

Since I was a little girl I knew I had to be successful because I like nice things! Besides Barbie dolls and make-up, I found my passion in cars! There is something special about these toys that many people just don’t seem to grasp… See below for the latest cars

The designing and manufacturing of a car is a profound task! Every little detail has to be taken into consideration.

The process of designing a vehicle can take anywhere from 1 to 5 years, so the design team needs to be up to date with not only the latest trends in auto-mobile, but future trends too. They must take the client into consideration, and forecast what they can do now to develop the model in the next few years. Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and the auto-mobile industry is a competitive one. Manufactures need to be ahead of their game at all times!

Why I Love These Cars, And You Should Too!

Mercedes GLE 63 AMG

This beautiful beast of a car differentiates itself from the most well known Mercedes of its’ time, and categorizes itself into an SUV of its’ very own class. This powerful model is akin to the well known ML, however has impressed us with domed LED lights, an adjusted grille, and a newly shaped rear. It is also more powerful, more sharp and more spacious than the ML.

One of the features of this car that I love is the touch screen system where you can browse the internet, stream music, and monitor the articulation and movement of the wheels! The perfect car for a comfortable road trip with friends or family.




Maserati’s First SUV – Levante

Maserati never seems to disappoint with its exceptional designs, ultra comfort and pure class! And the latest Levante is the epitome of all 3 of those mentioned.

This gorgeous new ride was launched early January, and is expected to arrive locally very soon. The Levante is an outstanding on road vehicle, and has outstanding grip and excellent off road performance.

In my opinion, the Levante has a similar type of feel and look to the Porsche Cayenne, however it has got that extra class that Maserati never fails on.





The Fastest F-Type Jaguar To Date

We all love the sleek looking F-Type Jag! It’s speedy, it’s comfortable, and it’s just absolutely gorgeous.

The new Jaguar SVR has a claimed 0-100km/h sprint time of 3.5 seconds and a whopping top speed of 320km/h. The model is lighter, and more powerful than that of the R. Jaguar has really outdone themselves on this monster of a car!


This is what we call “A New Level Of Performance.”





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  1. Chris Avatar

    I agree the Levante has the same look as the Cayenne but it’s not an offroader as traditional as say the range or land rover. Even the Toyota land cruiser does it more for me. Love the interior though.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Chris
      Thanks so much for your feedback. Please keep us posted on any interesting “motor” news,
      Have a wonderful weekend

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