WIN 1 of 2 Turkish Towels From The Cotton Co

WIN 1 of 2 Turkish Towels From The Cotton Co

Stand a chance to win one of two Turkish towels from The Cotton Co. The towels are woven from 100% pure Turkish cotton – the best quality that money can buy. 

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The combination of premium cotton and traditional weaves and techniques create a product that is highly durable, but also soft and absorbent.



About Turkish Towels From The Cotton Co

Also known as pestamals or hammam towels, our Turkish towel is the ultimate in quality and versatility.

These beautiful towels are lightweight & dry super-fast. They’re ideal for spas, swimming & bathrooms and can also be used as tablecloths, blankets, sofa and bed covers, wraps and scarves.

It’s a towel. A throw. The perfect accessory.

Natural Aegean cotton offers luxurious textures and classic comfort.

We finish all our pestamals with hand knotted tassel fringes, high-quality edges and are fluff-free and eco-friendly.


How To Enter:

Comment on the giveaway below:  What would you use your Turkish towel for?
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55 responses to “WIN 1 of 2 Turkish Towels From The Cotton Co”

  1. Trish Pentecost Avatar

    I would use the Turkish towels to wrap up after a relaxing shower, and revel in the luxurious feel! Pamper time!

  2. Ailsa Porter Avatar

    I would use it as a wrap – very chic.

  3. Manjoo Rughunandan Avatar

    Awesome giveaway, thank you for the opportunity to win. I’ll us it in my TV room,cuddle with my hubby, having coffee and watching our favorite movies.

  4. Nicolet Avatar

    I believe its amazing quality too, an long lasting all rounder in your home.

  5. Maliekah Avatar


  6. Daniela Cardoso Avatar

    Gorgeous! I would use it as a throw on my bed

  7. Sharleen Avatar

    In my bathroom

  8. Byron Boshoff Avatar
    Byron Boshoff

    I would give it to my Girlfriend, She appreciates beautiful things and I think this will look stunning on her.

  9. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    I will use it as throw!!

  10. Denise Naidoo Avatar

    It’s so beautiful. I would love to use them when I go on holiday as I’m sure they have a luxurious fee.

  11. maxine Avatar

    In my guest bathroom!

  12. Marelize Avatar

    I’ll use them for the guest bathroom so everyone feels special when they visit

  13. Karen Salhab Avatar
    Karen Salhab

    Feel like I’m at a spa every day when I use it.

  14. Fay Avatar

    Beautiful towels! I’ll save for guests to use when they stay over.

  15. Bianca Avatar

    This would mean the world to me if I could win this. It would definitely complete my room. ??

  16. Julie Avatar

    I will use these beautiful Turkish Towels for meditation.

  17. Tessa O'Halloran Avatar
    Tessa O’Halloran

    definitely an everyday towel and perfect for the beach! x

  18. Manjoo Rughunandan Avatar

    I’ll use as a throw in my guest room.
    It will be so exclusive. Love to win

  19. Natassha Avatar

    I would have multiple uses for these gorgeous towels, definitely on the beach as a throw over my sofa or even a scarf or dress 😀

  20. Ashley Padayachee Avatar

    I would you use my Turkish towel as a luxury towel for my guests 🙂

  21. Abdurra Francis Avatar
    Abdurra Francis

    As a throw

  22. Justine Avatar

    Would love this as a blanket or bed wrap – would look stunning

  23. Kamilah Francis Avatar
    Kamilah Francis

    As a throw

  24. Ellenna Boon Avatar

    As a show of towel in my guest bathroom. A great topic to talk about

  25. Markgavin Avatar


  26. Sheryl Bishop Avatar

    I would use it with Pure Joy in my bathroom, whispering teşekkür ederim, (Turkish for Thank you) means…..thank you for blessing me

  27. cathy boer Avatar
    cathy boer

    Will definitely use in my bathroom…. Just the Thing to make me feel AWESOME after a long workday

  28. Ragmat baron Avatar
    Ragmat baron

    I will use it for special occasions when i have guests over

  29. Lynnith Avatar

    These are stunning just as decor throws, and perfect for the beach too

  30. Lynn Botha Avatar
    Lynn Botha

    I would use it in the bathroom.. and it would only be used by ME!

  31. Victoria Avatar

    On the prowl for a Turkish towel, to keep me dry and please the eye.

  32. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    I would use my Turkish towel in the bathroom, so much better than a normal towel.

  33. Michelle Laubscher Avatar
    Michelle Laubscher

    Wonderful products

  34. Andrea Naidoo Avatar
    Andrea Naidoo


  35. Bhavana Singh Avatar
    Bhavana Singh

    I will use mine as deco for my room because I love the feel of it.

  36. Judy Padayachee Avatar

    Will use it in my bathroom to wipe myself ?

  37. Coral Paxton Avatar
    Coral Paxton

    I’ve just had my bathroom renovated. I think I’ll just hang them up to look beautiful ?

  38. Jasmine Avatar

    I would actually used them on my sofa. The colour matches my lounge perfectly 🙂

  39. stephanie videira Avatar
    stephanie videira

    So beautiful would be using it as a bed cover

  40. Nivashini Thaver Avatar
    Nivashini Thaver

    I could do with new towels

  41. Dawn Clarke Avatar
    Dawn Clarke

    I would use it as a throw.. stunning

  42. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you I will you use it as a sofa throw , it will admired and look unique and beautiful

  43. Salochana Naidoo Avatar
    Salochana Naidoo

    I’d use my Turkish towel as a throw, so that I can watch my favourite series in comfort.

  44. Nicola Avatar

    I love turkish towels – they make you feel like you’re permanently on holiday!

  45. Andrea Barras Avatar

    I love Turkish towels for use in the bathroom – quick dry and better looking than traditional toweling!

  46. thea lennox Avatar
    thea lennox

    Would use is in my bedroom

  47. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    Just what I need – fabulous quality & beautiful appearance

  48. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    I will use them as bed and sofa covers

  49. dina dos santos Avatar
    dina dos santos

    would love to use it in my bathroom

  50. Dawn Wallenkamp Avatar
    Dawn Wallenkamp

    I would use my Turkish towel as a throw

  51. Jules Avatar

    I would love to win this amazing prize

  52. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    This is so awesome. I will use it as a bed cover. It will be perfect in my room. ?

  53. Bernice Vermaak Avatar
    Bernice Vermaak

    These are so Gorgeous. Ill be to scared to use them???. This will be great to decorate edge of the bed in guest room, or perfect colour for decor in our lounge.
    Id even want to pack them in for a lux holiday end of the year. That we’ve been planning for a very long time. ??They are just so Lovely??

  54. Brandon Pierre Fourie Avatar
    Brandon Pierre Fourie

    awesome comp…good luck to all who enter!!!

  55. Lynn Nolan Avatar
    Lynn Nolan

    These are gorgeous!

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