WIN 1 Of 3 Local Village Foods Hampers Worth R700 Each!

Local Village Foods

The choices we make about what we eat has become a radical act. Food today has complex and wide-reaching impacts on individual as well as societal health, economics, and the planet. What we eat is at the core to humanity’s interconnected social, economic, and also environmental challenges – Local Village Foods

Local Village was founded on a vision for a network of vibrant, local agri-preneurs across the continent supplying equitably sourced and sustainably grown indigenous African ingredients to the global village, therefore, we are an aspirational brand, and we celebrate our shared humanity through culinary diversity.

Local Village Foods, Poeple in rural area standing by some plants

Firstly, by supporting us you become part of our village and your membership ensures that you enjoy sustainably grown, indigenous ingredients. Secondly, this secures livelihoods through maintaining the demand for the produce of small, rural agri-preneurs from the continent while helping us to grow our market and platform for connecting people and sharing Africa’s abundance.

Included In The Hamper

Raw Cacao 

Local Village Foods , Roselle (Hibiscus Flower) , Raw Cacao

Roselle (Hibiscus Flower)

Local Village Foods , Teff Grain , Roselle (Hibiscus Flower) , Plants

Teff Grain 

Local Village Foods,Moringa Powder , Teff Grain 

Moringa Powder 

Local Village Foods,Bambara Groundnuts , Moringa Powder 

Bambara Groundnuts 

Local Village Foods,Sorghum Flour , Bambara Groundnuts 

Sorghum Flour 

Local Village Foods, Sorghum Grain, Sorghum Flour 

Sorghum Grain 

Local Village Foods , Sorghum Grain 

How To Enter

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35 responses to “WIN 1 Of 3 Local Village Foods Hampers Worth R700 Each!”

  1. Jetaime Naidoo Avatar
    Jetaime Naidoo

    Roselle (Hibiscus Flower)

  2. Simon Nurick Avatar
    Simon Nurick

    Eating healthy has never been so appealing – thanks liferetreat 🙂

  3. Angie Joubert Avatar
    Angie Joubert

    Raw Cacao

  4. Bernadine Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win such exciting and healthy products.

  5. Cara Bosch Avatar
    Cara Bosch

    Lovely purpose – I am especially excited about the Moringa Powder.


    Sorghum Flour

  7. Judy Padayachee Avatar

    Love to try the Moringa Powder

  8. Selona Govender Avatar
    Selona Govender

    Wow, what an awesome hamper. Would absolutely love to try the Moringa powder

  9. Simone Avatar

    I am most intrigued by the bombara groundnuts😁 supporting local produce is exciting 😊

  10. Terri Avatar

    Moringa Powder

  11. Linda J Graskie Avatar
    Linda J Graskie

    Definitely the Moringa Powder as I’ve heard so much about it but all the products are amazing

  12. Vivian Avatar

    Moringa Powder

  13. emlyn thomas Avatar
    emlyn thomas

    tiger nuts please and thank you

  14. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    So many awesome products, so little time – would love to try Moringa Powder

  15. Suzette Viviers Avatar
    Suzette Viviers

    The Bambara Groundnuts!

  16. Sabine Avatar

    the raw cacao

  17. Lyn Avatar

    I would love to try Bambara groundnuts or tiger nuts

  18. Samantha Pearce Avatar
    Samantha Pearce

    Raw Cacao

  19. Thea lennox Avatar
    Thea lennox

    Love the moringa powder

  20. Carolina Avatar

    Definitely moringa powder

  21. Dawn Clarke Avatar
    Dawn Clarke

    would love to try the tiger nuts whole

  22. Dawn Clarke Avatar
    Dawn Clarke

    would love to try this

  23. Melanie Marais Avatar
    Melanie Marais

    Ohh would love to try the moringa powder! Perfect for all my home made smoothies!

  24. Janet Watson Perry Avatar
    Janet Watson Perry

    Oooh would love to try the Bambara groundnuts!

  25. Rose Zondi Avatar
    Rose Zondi

    Bambara Groundnuts

  26. Martie Schoeman Avatar
    Martie Schoeman

    The Raw Cacao, would love to try it.

  27. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    Moringa powder

  28. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    Mornings powder

  29. Diana Avatar

    Fabulous hamper 🍃 would love to win it😄

  30. Cornelia Avatar

    Would definately keep a eye open for these products

  31. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    What an awesome hamper.

  32. Tania Avatar

    Raw Cocao

  33. Dawn Wallenkamp Avatar
    Dawn Wallenkamp

    Sorghum Flour

  34. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    Which product in the Local Village Foods range interests you the most? The Moringa Powder is of great interest to me

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