WIN! A Becca Cosmetics Hamper


Stand a chance to win a Becca Cosmetics South Africa Hamper worth R3500.00. Perfection is yours to define. Polished or undone. Soft or sultry. Whatever you want to achieve, perfected skin is the essential starting point. Through premium formulas and expert tips, BECCA can help you attain a natural, effortless complexion that elevates your every look.


BECCA presents a highly curated selection of cosmetics that further reveal your natural beauty rather than covering it up. By matching your skin tone, you can create perfect looking skin while highlighting your favorite features and amplifying the look with a dramatic eye or bright lip when the mood strikes. Lightweight, luxurious and advanced, BECCA makes your entire beauty routine a more enjoyable experience while still performing all day.

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What The Giveaway Includes:

Becca Tote Bag: R220 

Tote Bag

Lip Plumping Moisture Gloss: R290 

Lip Plumping Moisture Gloss

Pump your lips full of shine and moisture with the Becca Lip Plumping Moisture Gloss. Made of a delicious cocktail of cinnamon, Tahitian vanilla and honey you’ll be left with a delicately fragranced kissable pout.

Nail Colour (Saddle Up): R165 

Nail Colour Saddle Up

Becca’s new nail colour is a high-performance enamel polish that coats nails with an immediate glossy shine that has superior lasting-power. With a smooth, self-levelling colour that brushes evenly onto nails it delivers intense, fast-drying pigment for beautifully wearable nails.

Nail 2-in-1 Base And Top Coat: R 165

2 in 1 Base and Top Coat

This transparent base and top coat for nails is the ultimate multi-tasker, providing a transparent high gloss layer under and over nail colour for the perfect manicure. With a smooth, self-leveling formula that brushes evenly onto nails, BECCA 2-in-1 Base/Top Coat delivers fast-drying protection and ensures lasting wear.

Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé (Watermelon/Moonstone): R290

Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle Watermelon Moonstone

The Beach Tint Lip Shimmer Soufflé is a double dose of pigment and shimmer in a lightweight, marbled gloss formula that melts beautifully onto the lips. Drench lips with the satiny-soft texture of this hydrating Shimmer Soufflé. It’s infused with brown algae extract, which smooths and softens lips for sophisticated shine that lasts for hours.

Ultimate Color Gloss (Hotel California): R290

Ultimate Colour Gloss Hotel California

Lush and luxurious, this silky formula glazes lips in a long-wearing layer of bold colour and brilliant shine, yet feels completely weightless and never sticky.

Creme Blush (Dahlia): R295

Creme Blush Dahlia

The ultimate blush. This highly pigmented formulation and silky-smooth texture melds into the skin for an incredibly natural, “just blushed” look. Layer for added drama.

Beach Tint: R285

Beach Tint

BECCA Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable crème stain for cheeks and lips that suits all skin types. Kiss-proof and water-resistant, it dries to a perfect, streak-free, non-greasy and non-drying finish. Each shade is deliciously scented in its synonymous name.

Jewel Dust (Asrai): R260

Jewel Dust Asrai

These exquisitely embellished powders add playful colour to the eyes when worn alone, and create rich, exotic tones when layered over neutral eye shadows.

Sheer Tint Lip Color (Alina): R310

Sheer Tint Alina

A collection of sheer, hydrating lipsticks with subtle shine in a palette of tones flattering for all skin tones, BECCA’s Sheer Tint Lip Colour contains a cocktail of emollients and antioxidants such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Honey and Vitamin E, to moisturize and protect the lips while providing a smooth, even application of creamy colour.

Mineral highlighter/bronzing Duo (Seranna): R380

Mineral Highlighter Bronzing Duo

On one side, a warm matte bronze that should sing on light and medium skin tones (and add a whisper of warmth to darker ones); on the other side, a warm peach with a sheen finish. Both showcase finely milled powders that practically blend themselves, making contouring and highlighting with them a breeze.

Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector (Champagne Pop) Limited Edition: R650

Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop

What it is:
A creamy powder highlighter that absorbs and reflects light for the ultimate natural glow.

What it does:
Find refined luminosity in any light. This bestselling formula is enriched with ultra-fine luminescent pearls that absorb, reflect, and refract light so your natural radiance is never lost. Unlike the traditional pressed powder method which simply mixes and compresses dry ingredients, this unique process blends pigments with proprietary liquid binders, resulting in unparalleled, creamy application with balanced color dispersion. Like a compact full of crushed gemstones, the multi-toned, ultra-fine pigment pearls adjust to your skin’s natural undertones for a truly unique glow.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens

WIN: Becca Cosmetics Hamper

Where Can I Shop For Becca Cosmetics In South Africa?

Online – Click Here

In Store:

4th Floor, Fredman Towers. 13 Fredman Drive
Sandton, Johannesburg Gauteng, 2146 South Africa

Email Us:

Call Us: 

011 881 1440

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104 responses to “WIN! A Becca Cosmetics Hamper”

  1. Daniela Cardoso Avatar
    Daniela Cardoso

    As a Varsity student ,my budget is fairly limited so I need to find good quality makeup that is affordable and I love the BECCA cosmetics range. What I love most is that the makeup is paraben free and rather than covering up, it really enhances my look, it is lightweight and has no adverse effects on my skin.

  2. Cathy Badenhorst Avatar
    Cathy Badenhorst

    great quality, wide range and so affordable

  3. Rani Naidoo Avatar
    Rani Naidoo

    I love Becca products as they are affordable and luxurious.

  4. Nabz Avatar

    I can’t believe I didn’t know Becca was here in SA! I realllllly need to get my hands on these products to review for myself, my clients and other artists. Obsessed with JH and I’ve seen Nikki from Nikki’s Tutorials rave about Becca! Pick me please!! I.NEED.THIS

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Nabz, if you are in Joburg, you should pop in and see all the amazing Becca product s@Becca_SA @liferetreat_ “

  5. GRAM MOODLEY Avatar

    Becca products look absolutely dreamy, I’d love to try it. crossing fingers to win this awesome hamper

  6. Lynn Botha Avatar
    Lynn Botha

    Love the look of the packaging and design but more importantly.. the fact that it will help ‘reveal your natural beauty rather than covering it up’. Would really love to try this awesome make up.

  7. Delaine' Avatar

    BECCA cosmetics are pure luxury- the packaging, smell and feel, all in one range. Probably my favorite products in this range are the backlight priming filter and most definitely the colab that BECCA has done with Jaclyn Hill on Champagne Pop. She is my favorite you tuber of all time. She represents your brand so well. She lives her life consciously, being kind and humble and with harm to none. I have been dying to see Champagne Pop in real life, it looks to be the perfect combination of goldie undertones.

  8. Wianka Avatar

    I absolutely love the shimmering skin perfectors. Absolutely amazing product!

  9. Jessica Avatar

    This is honestly one of the best giveaways ever done. Becca is such a cult brand and it’s amazing that we have access to them in SA!

  10. Tasneem Avatar

    I love how this brand creates products that constantly evolves with the ever changing beauty looks of the modern beauty world. I love how they collaborate with individuals like Jaclyn Hill that is so relatable to every girl and has grown to an online influencer that the everyday girl has come to love. And most importantly this brand takes the everyday girl into consideration when creating each and ever product to be of high quality and enhancing their natural beauty.

  11. Jodi Avatar

    Becca is best for perfector’s whether they are poured, pressed or liquid!

  12. Michelle Avatar

    Stunning hamper’ great products’ value for your money.

  13. Michelle Avatar

    Great gift for any lady, love thé products, affordeble and great value for your money.

  14. Lydia Russouw Avatar
    Lydia Russouw

    I really like that Becca cosmetics is cruelty and paraben free.

  15. Krystal gehrke Avatar
    Krystal gehrke

    I love all Becca cosmetics! I love the Jaclyn Hill champagne pop and their concealer.

  16. Michelle Laubscher Avatar
    Michelle Laubscher

    Great Giveaway

  17. Lindsey Avatar

    I love that their products don’t contain parabens. I have sensitive skin and it helps to have less ingredients in cosmetics.

  18. Jade Amy Avatar
    Jade Amy

    I love Becca 🙂 and Jaclyn Hill too!

  19. Ronel van Lingen Avatar
    Ronel van Lingen

    I love the Champagne Pop highlighter the most!

  20. Nisa Avatar

    I love that Becca focuses on a woman’s natural beauty with thee most amazing glow. I’m all about the fresh, dewy look

  21. Natali Avatar

    I love that Becca Cosmetics is cruelty free, also love the packaging 🙂

  22. Zandile Dlamini Avatar
    Zandile Dlamini

    4th Floor, Fredman Towers. 13 Fredman Drive
    Sandton, Johannesburg Gauteng, 2146 South Africa

  23. Sophie Avatar

    My favourite feature about the Becca brand is that it’s paraben free!

  24. Esmeralda Avatar

    Becca highlight is just great!!

  25. Tammy Avatar

    Coveting the brand ever since my favourite youtube gurus graced their faces with the finely milled, high pigment, top quality and impeccable packaging. I’d love to own this collection, I can just imagine how my highlight would stop traffic!

  26. Nicola Meyer Avatar
    Nicola Meyer

    That it is formulated without parabens

  27. Fatima Bibi Hoosen Avatar

    What I love most about Becca is it’s high quality and sleek look. Everything about Becca is so unique and intriguing.

  28. Josie Avatar

    I love the elegance of Becca cosmetics, their products are absolutely timeless!

  29. Monique Avatar

    I love the quality of the Becca products and that they have some of the best highlights around

  30. Patricia Edwards Avatar
    Patricia Edwards

    Long lasting products with a great range

  31. Storm Barry Avatar
    Storm Barry

    What I like most about Becca Cosmetics is that it does not seek to cover up, but rather elevate one’s natural look. I love that it is lightweight, that the gloss is long-wearing and that the beach tint is water-resistant. Pretty please pick me with a Life Retreat and Becca Cosmetics flavoured cherry on top 🙂

  32. Melissa Avatar

    Most exciting day ever !!!

  33. Tayla Calcott Avatar
    Tayla Calcott

    I appreciate how Becca knows that people who love makeup also love quality. And I love Jaclyn Hill too!

  34. Liza Avatar

    I have been stalking Becca for the past few months on YouTube and I simply need it. What I Love most is the elegant packaging filled with quality products. and uhm….ofcourse the HIGHLIGHTERS

  35. Joles Avatar

    I love Becca Cosmetics because it is the ultimate range of skin-perfecting products that make it possible for all women to experience the pleasure of a natural, flawless and radiant complexion. Becca is lightweight, luxurious and advanced. I have tried almost all name brands from well known beauty houses, but Becca by far, stands out!

  36. Fathima Mahomed Avatar
    Fathima Mahomed

    Wow this is Epic??? Glow? CrossedToes???

  37. amanda Avatar

    what an awesome prize hope i win

  38. Jessica Truter Avatar
    Jessica Truter

    I love that Becca is so universal, and that it provides an opportunity for any skin type, skin tone or preference to find something that they will love. Becca has mastered the art of highlights and I do not think anybody will be able to find anything that comes close to their formulas and pigmentation. Love love LOVE.

  39. sophia Avatar

    I love Becca as they consider all skin tones. Gorgeous and best quality products indeed!!!

  40. Celeste Everitt Avatar

    I love that Becca compliments and elevates your skin’s appearance instead of covering it up. Ladies, we’re all beautiful and should never be covered up. Yay to Becca!

  41. Joles Avatar

    I love BECCA – best quality, best care, best product! Id love to win this collection.

  42. Tanusta Jainarain Avatar
    Tanusta Jainarain

    Becca has an amazing wide range that caters not only for professionals in the beauty industry but also for the everyday women and all Becca’s products are packaged so exquisitely it takes my breath away and makes you feel rich!

  43. Abby Avatar

    Love discovering new brands come to SA!!! Hoping to try out the Becca range still 🙂

  44. Arrie Avatar

    I love that Becca cosmetics focuses on enhancing natural beauty and that they’ve also collaborated with amazing people like Jaclyn Hill (seriously, that champagne pop is just all of the heart eyed emojis!) X

  45. Akira Naamdhew Avatar
    Akira Naamdhew

    Eeeek this giveaway is so amazing! It’s so awesome support brands like Becca that’s available in SA, I seriously need to get my hands on Champange Pop though!

  46. Lalenthra Naidoo Avatar
    Lalenthra Naidoo

    i love the Glow you get from Becca cosmetics

  47. Danica van der Nest Avatar
    Danica van der Nest

    What I love most about BECCA is that their products are of the highest quality and that their products really make your skin glow and look radiant. I love that BECCA can help you attain a natural, effortless complexion that elevates your every look.

  48. Kogie Naidoo Avatar
    Kogie Naidoo

    I haven’t tried the products yet but follow a blog where she describes Beccles back light primer and their ultimate coverage foundation as the Holy Grail! The primer blurs imperfections and gives you a radiant glow! Every woman’s dream! The complexion creme is amazing, breathable enriched with high concentrates of liquid and water. And the highlight ? is a must have if you want that angelic healthy glow!

  49. Bathabile Avatar

    I like the hydrating lipsticks with subtle shine .

  50. Zandi Ayanda Mkhize Avatar

    Fingers crossed such an awesome competition

  51. Karen lamb Avatar
    Karen lamb

    So excited to try my hand on the champagne pop. This us a stunning prize. Goid luck everyone.

  52. Chelsea Avatar

    I love that it’s such good quality and still so affordable!

  53. Camilla (Jane Wonder) Avatar

    Jaclyn Hill is one of my fave YouTubers, defs my #1 American YouTuber, dying to get my hands on Champagne Pop!!

  54. rehana seedat Avatar
    rehana seedat

    I have never tried Becca products. Amazing hamper. fingers crossed

  55. Jacqueline Katzen Avatar
    Jacqueline Katzen

    I love the fact that my skin will glow when using these products, and the packaging is beautiful

  56. Tasneem Avatar

    Love the fact that the quality matches the price. Amazing. The highlighter is so eye catching!

  57. Debbie R Avatar
    Debbie R

    Love it! The quality, the colours, and the containers… ♥

  58. Fatima Avatar

    I would DIE and go to makeup heaven if I had to win this!!!
    My heart is palpitating just looking at it!
    Wow! Just wow!
    What Ana amazing giveaway ????

  59. Rayne Alexander Avatar
    Rayne Alexander

    DYIIIING! I do not own a single BECCA product and this hamper is magestical!

    Yep, I just made up a new word to describe this hamper.

  60. Cornell Botha Avatar
    Cornell Botha

    I love that BECCA makes your entire beauty routine a more enjoyable experience while still performing all day

  61. Cassidy Taylor-Memmory Avatar

    Best thing about BECCA? They are cruelty-free and just so gorgeous! Dying to try out this cruelty free brand!

  62. Nicolene Avatar

    I love the package design.. Would love to win..

  63. Marianne Avatar

    I love Becca as a brand. I would love to win this but I am happy to see that you reach out to your audience in sch a way

  64. Sajeeda rajack Avatar
    Sajeeda rajack

    I love that the products are versatile and suits all skin tones!

  65. Shaeyn Janisch Avatar
    Shaeyn Janisch

    I have never used them but I like them because they good beautiful and the colours look very good as well

  66. Shelley Avatar

    I love the glow!

  67. Shalane Avatar

    I definitely love Becca’s Highlighter. So many people have been raving about it! I love that Becca is luxurious and lightweight and can give you a effortless complexion.

  68. Tamzyn Avatar

    What I love most about becca cosmetics is that they give the luxurious feel of high end, quality make up that acts with your natural beauty to amplify it rather than cover it up.

  69. Yolande Murphy Avatar
    Yolande Murphy

    It’s simply gorgeous

  70. Leanie Avatar

    Haven’t heard about them before, but i do like their beauty range, since it’s looks like a great product. The product that stood out the most for me where the Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé.

  71. Ketna Avatar

    I haven’t tried any of the BECCA products but would love to try it out. I do like the Creme Blush (Dahlia)

  72. ragmat baron Avatar
    ragmat baron

    I love the Becca brand because It makes me feel confident, because I look and feel amazing

  73. Hlelile Vinkhumbo Avatar
    Hlelile Vinkhumbo

    Wow this products is so amazing…My skin needs this more than anything. ??
    Becca cosmetics…such an interesting brand to try???

  74. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    Would really love to win this amazing hamper. I love the packaging of the products and that it helps one enhance their natural beauty rather than covering it up. I love that it’s lightweight which is perfect for the heat one does not one to feel uncomfortable with makeup on. Would love to try these cosmetics heard so many good things about it

  75. Tarryn B Avatar

    I love that the powders are so finely milled!

  76. Meryl Avatar

    The most amazing make up brand in the world! The Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter is the best highlighter ever made. I appreciate the dewiness the brand exudes on your skin. Effortless beauty at an affordable price!

  77. Deshni Avatar

    Http//www.becca i love the shimmering skin perfectors. It’s absolutely stunning, so soft and highly pigmented.

  78. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    I love their stylish & unique brand!

  79. Thercia Khoza Avatar

    Perfect hamper. I love

  80. Megan Kelly Avatar

    I’ve not tried Becca Cosmetics yet, but I love how luxurious all their products look. Also, from the rave reviews that I have read, I am clearly missing out on something here.

  81. Odile Finotti Avatar
    Odile Finotti

    Absolutely dying over this hamper. I would LOVE to try out BECCA products. I’ve heard so much about it. Also glad that it’s available in SA.

  82. Naidene Cooper Avatar
    Naidene Cooper

    Love the fact that you can amplify your look yet still look natural. Would love to try these products, they sound Amazing!

  83. Rosa Da Silva Avatar

    Amazing competition 🙂 I would love to win

  84. Sabine Avatar

    It’s so pretty!!!

  85. Dániel Avatar

    I love that Becca Cosmetics is cruelty free as it’s important to me that no animals were harmed for my vanity and the high quality products makes me feel beautiful and look like a natural beauty.
    This giveaway is amazing I’ll cross all my fingers and toes.

  86. Michele Avatar

    That’s the best giveaway ever! Becca products look absolutely dreamy, I’d love to try it! Will keep my fingers crossed!

  87. Simone Cameron Avatar
    Simone Cameron

    Wow…I’ve actually never heard of this brand before, but now after reading your other post about them and the products, I definitely want to try a few of their products out.

    So as I’m not familiar with the brand, I had to go do a bit of research and the one thing that stood out for me was the philosohy and it states that their products are to help ‘reveal your natural beauty rather than covering it up’. I LOVE that…it’s all about emphasizing what you already have been blessed with.

    Awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed 🙂

  88. Chrisna Avatar

    Whether you old or young every wonman wants to bring out the best of her looks and I feel with BECCA cosmetics one can create a flawless look and feel amazing day or night

  89. Jo-ann Avatar

    Love the look of this product. I’ve never heard of it, but would love to win this hamper to try it out 🙂

  90. Nooreen Agherdien Avatar

    What I love most about Becca cosmetics:
    I love the amazing wide variety of cosmetics and brushes and the quality all attributes of a stunning beauty brand .

    Fingerscrossed would love to win that amazing hamper fill with all those goodies from Becca 🙂

  91. Nicolette Nunes Avatar
    Nicolette Nunes

    selection of cosmetics that further reveal your natural beauty rather than covering it up

  92. Sanet Odendaal (@fashionet_sa) Avatar
    Sanet Odendaal (@fashionet_sa)

    I love the Becca range because I can experience perfection- made- personal with foundations, powders and primers that amplify the features I love and disguise those I don’t!
    The brand philosophy is about creating a natural, flawless look. It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.

  93. Nicole Jansen van Vuuren Avatar
    Nicole Jansen van Vuuren

    I have never tried it but look at it! This brand looks luxurious, what a treat this will be 🙂

  94. Anita Dingwayo Avatar
    Anita Dingwayo

    this would be awesome for my skin, this is exactly what i need right now to bring back the confidence with in me.

  95. Ronnae Elliott Avatar
    Ronnae Elliott

    I love that Becca is free of parabens

  96. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel Avatar
    Cirsten Van Den Heuvel

    I love the package design and quality of this brand.

  97. Raeesa Avatar

    I love everything about the brand, I love that they care about their customers and also their products are luxury but still affordable 🙂

  98. Tracy Jacobs Avatar
    Tracy Jacobs

    I have never heard of Becca before, but I love their packaging and styling. The blush and highlighters appeal to me.

  99. Andrea Avatar

    This hamper is absolutely gorgeous, would be the best present ever.

  100. Melissa Govender Avatar
    Melissa Govender

    BECCA can help one attain a natural, effortless complexion. This has to be the number one feature of the BECCA range which I love. I feel that beauty is at its best when there is a balance, where there is simplicity. BECCA surely provides that look and at the same time allowing beauty to extrude.

  101. Dawn W Avatar
    Dawn W

    What I love most about Becca cosmetics is that BECCA can help you attain a natural, effortless complexion that elevates your every look.

  102. Shana Abrahams Avatar
    Shana Abrahams

    Absolutely love their range. Everything about the brand says well thought about cosmetics… I love that they have taken great care and consideration with creating each product <3 <3 <3

  103. Natalie Maritz Avatar
    Natalie Maritz

    What a stunning hamper.

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